Thursday, January 19, 2006

Inhale Hold Exhale. I don't know much about Emile Nolde but I'm likeing his crowded garden of poppies and foxglove, I need to mainline this painting, commit it to memory.
he began to see that 'dexterity is also an enemy' and he allowed himself to create fantastic paintings 'without any prototype or model, without any well defined idea ... a vague idea of glow and colour was enough. The paintings took shape as I worked.'
I'm trying to not over paint the work I have going in my studio. My guru visited yesterday. I showed her a painting that was 20% done, she said that if she walked into a gallery today and saw it, she'd dig it as it was. Guru is wise and enourages me to be fluid and bold. I've been feeling good about my work but then confidence turns to soul squashing insecurity in the blink of an eye... which then results in me being uptight and overpainting. Guru reinforces my best instincts and soaring seagull that she is, smashes my hardened little clam shells of fear against the rocky shores of optimism. Or something. Hey you kids in LA and vicinage, A.L. Steiner and Eve Fowler have an opening tomorrow at the Harvey Levine Gallery in Culver City. Their show is called Wimmin by Womyn who love Wymin. It opens Saturday January 21 from 6 to 8. Good luck guys, have fun, wish I was there with you.

shitayed lives for gorgeous red poppies and Libra's rule! they are the balance of the universe,

which out of the best cd's of 2005 are calming but still rock? like Cat power, are any of them like her?

the babyshables cd is like $30 bucks, so that'll have to wait

corny, what is your b-day exactly m/d/yr and I can find out what karnic path you are on, and who's work you need to be ripping
Emil Nolde. Beautiful, forgot about him. I believe he was considered a degenerate artist, can you believe it?

I can't wait for your show Corny!!!! Rock it to the maximum highest levels and always listen to your trusted optimistic gurus. Your eye is on the prize of magic.
Grahm Coxon (ex-blur) put out an album called Kiss of the Morning... it is really one of my favorite ever albums and it would fall in the calming yet rocking territory. It's a MUST hear.
From the 2005 list, Soft Hearted Scientists and the magic numbers are more on the calming side.
Espers is calming and gorgous.Colin Blunstone's album One Year is very beautiful too.
I can burn you the babyshambles CD if you want. Email me at
I love that Pd has a punishment corner in her studio, I have a hospital for the criminally insane.

Thanks MM
My bday is 3/29/1965 Verdun France. I think I was born at 2:00pm Any assistance with figuring out karmic path would be GREATLY appreciated, 'cause were wondering around in tight little circles over here.
Too bad the Steiner and Fowler are not from Wyoming. It would take the title to the extreme.
Corny, your bumper sticker is a hit at my present relic shack!
Where can I get a studio guru?
LOL THAT is fricken Fuh-nny!
Too bad the show is not Wood Working, that would add another extra kick to the title .
I found mine on sale at the Wallgreans on Marcy Avenue.
Wimmin by Womyn who love Wood-workin' Wymin in Wyoming..and What-not.
lolfoc thats funny.

(falling off chair)
I like doing studio visits but I'm FAR from a Guru... but anytime you want a new p.o.v., I'm there. I found it helpful yesterday just having someone standing in the studio with me. Even before she said anything, I saw imediatly and clearly what i needed to do.
When I first moved to NY years ago, an artisit I was assisting came to see my work. I had only been in NY 4 months and I was making big paintings with lots and lots of stuff in them. I respected this artist a lot. SHe walked in and said: "These paintings are TERRIBLE!" It was pretty funny--she was totally right.
That would be tough to hear, difficult but ultimatly helpful sounds like. I proly would of said "love them, make them bigger". Just proves how un-guru like I am. Though truth be told, I've torn a new asshole or two in my time, but only to the cockest of students who offend somehow or need to be taken down a peg.
I had a studio visit once with a curator who unfortunately had an explosive bowel movement in my studio bathroom. That was awkward. He left in a hurry afterward. I never heard from him again.
Yes, her delivery was not good. But I quickly got over it because I understood why I was making those paintings. It was just about getting started in a new place.
I am not a supporter of giving someone a hard time for the sake of giving them a hard time, but some of those cocky students need a little ass-kicking. I have only done a few visiting artist things and there were a couple of snotty lazy-asses that I could not tolerate. I don't even waste my energy on being mean--I just practically ignore them.
I love the idea of starting in a new place and making paintings that don't matter, just jump starting a new approach, disrupting routine. I want to make abstract paintings under the pseudonym Lady Angel Bunny!
Oh do it!! I think there should be more flip-flopping in art. I'd like to make landscapes under the pseudonym Dame Schwartz-Metterclume III.
I like to go swimmin' wit' bald-headed wymin. That's just who I am.
I am a lonely painter. I live in a box of paints. I'm frightened by the devil and i'm drawn to those one who ain't afraid...
Why wymin in wyoming? I am whiney.
Joni, the devil is a pussycat, don't worry 'bout him, he has a little bunny lodged in his eyebrows (see yesterdays post)
Popeye I have it on good authority that Bald-headed wymin are attracted to men with pipes, they also like lots of splashing and head butting.
Popeye: you are a vile and disgusting man. Worst of all, you are a MAN.
I'm gunna cut you up lil'one eyed man!
and cook into a pie Sweeny Todd style. Man Pie!Ummm
I wanna bake you into a Ho Pocket Popeye.
pd, YES to Spinach Flavored Popeye Ho Pockets®!
Thanks for registering the name Slothy!!
friend says Dennis Cooper has more cumshots as a matter of personal preference. there being a difference between literature & art and whatnot. heading to Brooklyn crossroads(FlatbushJunction ) to cast a circle, honor Hecate and dispel energy. don't know where I will go when they finish building Target there. Shoutout to Slothy: Sloth in early Middle Ages was called Acedia before it became a sin.
can do free "personal portrait" at Corny:"you make friends easily & embrace progressive ideas,you add just the right inflection of humor". Kelli:"people in power will want to deal with you violently". 10/12/72 5:30 AM Baltimore MD.
LOfrickinL! That is cracking me up HARD kelli!
Helena Peabody contacted us...she's coming to the opening!
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