Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sunny Day Sets Fire comes via whats on the NME stereo, a weekly column in the NME that I'm pretty much addicted to, where I've found great tips for new music over the past year. I like the song Fly Fly Fly, it's all I've heard by them but I'll keep my eyes out for an eventual CD release.

New year's resolution: assimilation. Straight culture unappealing and realize that lesbians will not have me: am assimilating into the gay community. Plans for new year: making 23% more money than straight men, sleeping with people younger and more attractive than me and good grooming. Art dealer eager to begin business part of plan but will I need to go to a gym?
Wow! Hey corny - You've got to set me up w/kelli - sounds hot - I'm sure Boadwee would approve.
Yes, you guys would dig kelli, and kelli, good list. My resolution was (I say was 'cause I've alreaty not done it) to floss but I'm inspired by your ambition an will rethink my resolution.
i was excited about this tip but alas, i'm not having it.
trying to ring you.
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