Friday, January 13, 2006

AREYOUFAMILIAR is a REALLY GREAT music blog with tons of downloadable mp3s. I just downloaded a couple dozen new songs and alot of it sounds good on a cursory listen. I don't have much in common with his top albums of 2005 but theres a ton of shithot shit to be had from this site. Also keith, good dinner party, Prince Charles is nice touch of class, thanks for playing. Sorry for calling you every 5 minutes today but the Nixzmary Brown story was freaking me out. Did I mention her best friends mothers name is Lizette? So awful... really really horrible story but whats gives with these names? I love a good/bad (you decide) name, Shitayde, Sharmonica, Shaquasia, Shifawn... bring it on, but Nixzmary is a whole new playing field.

Eubonics is all about throwing out the language of slavery and colonialism, to what end? dunno
"Shitayde" is cracking me up.
Corn def. come to my party and no probs you can sit wherever, only now I have added like 10 more people as the hypomania loves this sorta stuff
I am reading a biogrpahy of Vanessa Bell now and so far it seems like she was this honest/sturdy person who had some spiritual issues to reckon with and had children and drama that may have prevented her from making a balanced/cohesive body of work. Some of her paintings are really gorgeous. Bloomsbury is interesting stuff, I can't find any movies on them though
The Nixzmary story is reminding me of the Joel Steinberg story only much worse because of the outright torture.
I know... I don't mean to be joking about her name like imagin if you will a big callous asshole. It's a painful story. Her parents were vicious and cruel.
'nessa, Vaneaas bell is the buzz around ABCN. I don't know much about her work but am intrigued
My favorite black name was found in Alabama in a Winn-Dixie, my cashier's name was... hold your breath... MORONICA. Yes!!!
Hey easy my mom is 4/5 white. Conservative high tax bracket dad married exotic looking trophy wife and it's like " guy you married Mariah Carey".Thanking these genes for mesomorphic body type and contempt for authority. Naming kids Hennessey and Stoli.
I was on the bus once and heard a woman call to her daughter: "Get over here Fellatia!" For real.
lol Fellatia wins. Thats just nutz.

Hennessy and stoli, hahaha lovely. Lets have lots of play dates with our future children, Porschia and Mercedes (not as original as your names)
Thanks for the props.
This posting sucks. Sorry to say.
think I see ms. andry's point. the best sculptor when I was at Yale was a black man named Sol Sax ( real name : Trevor). Had a much rockier career &fewer opportunities than others in that class. Can see creativity in coming up with new names.
corny girl,


the artist formerly known as keith boadwee but currently known as grandmaster b of the blood arm but soon to be known as
Shanongua Emancipation Kavasea Batiste- Jenkins De La Salle
Yah, totally, "crazy" name that Nixmary-- (funny, though, beacuse I thought she was Latina and the name itself could be anything...I thought Celtic, but, hey you guys think it's a "crazy" black name)--you should also check out the website called: "Really awesome cool white upperclass NYC/ LA artists names" to get some Ideas for your kids. But you know what? Let's just make it easier and name everyone Jennifer and Conner. Let's squash any kind of individuality...especially for those "crazy blacks."
anonymous, you should really be called humorlous.
if you can't get a good laugh at an absurd (albeit amazing and totally original) name, what can you laugh at?


courtney "bunny" boatwright III
(taken from the Really Awesome Cool Upperclass NYC/LA Artist Names Namebook)

cheers to you, beloved Shanongua.

You really stirred some shit up. I'm gonna respond to "Anonymous" and move on.

For the record, I don't live in New York or LA (I live in the East Bay of San Francisco - very glamorous if you've ever been here).

I'm not having any kids

I'm not "upperclass" (at the moment I have about $40 in my checking account and $35,000 in student debt - my parents didn't pay for my education).

You might also be interested to know that I grew up in rural Louisiana in a town heavily populated by blacks so I'm familiar with the culture and the experience. It was an integral part of my childhood and shaped my world view. During the 12 years I spent in public school in Louisiana I'd say that my black friends and white friends were probably equal in number. One of my best friends in high school was a kid named Kenneth who was so black that his black friends started calling him MIdnight and then he started calling himself Midnight and then everyone called him Midnight.

I'm getting the feeling that somehow because NIcole and I can find humor in those names that we're being branded as racist.

Are we not allowed to comment on the humorous aspects of black names because we're not black? Those names ARE hilarious. That doesn't mean that they're not also creative and wonderful. I totally DIG the idea of not caving in to cultural norms and having the balls to just fucking make up a name. THAT'S FUCKING COOL. But still, many of the names are outrageous and funny.

Are you black? Are you PERSONALLY offeneded by the fact that we find humour in these names? If YES, I can totally respect that. I'm homosexual and sometimes I can get really bent out of shape if a straight person makes a gay joke. But not always, it's definitely a case by case situation and sometimes it's actually very funny.

However, If this comes from LIBERAL WHITE GUILT I'm just not having. There's a point where political correctness just becomes tiring and a bore. There's humour in EVERTHING and when people become so serious that they can't acknowledge that, well, that's just a drag.

Now, let's get back to the love jones here at "A Blog Called Nowhere".

Yours Truly,

Yourmajesty Maserati Paris

p.s. That's a REAL NAME as reported by my friend Constance Bossiere during her tenure as a court stenographer in the Orleans Parish court system, New Orleans, LA. If that's not funny, I don't know what is!
Courtney "Bunny" Boatwright III,

YOU ARE SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lithgow Guiness Oswald THE FIFTH
Dear Bunny and Lithgow,

How about you, me and SHITAYED AND SHANIQUA getting together for BRUNCH at THE CLUB this sunday? I'm knocked up and desperately need help coming up with a name for the little squirt. My husband wants to use the "Really Awesome Cool Upperclass NYC/LA Artist Names Namebook" but I prefer to use the helpful list I found at "A Blog Called Nowhere", so, we've agreed that we'll each get to choose one name and of course the baby will have the father's last name so, at the moment we're leaning heavily toward Connor Jerametrius Smith but I'm still not certain. We'll discuss it over Bloody Marys and cucumber sandwiches. Looking forward to it.

Jennifer "Muffy" Grant
Thanks Keith, I second that. I'm a bit flabbergasted by the response to our antics here and am feeling toung tied. So thank you for so eloquently responding. The point you make that the names can funny and somtimes absurd does not negate their brilliant creativity.

I think this is the first time I've ever been recieved a summon from the PC police.
anon, who are you?
anon, who are you?
I just downloaded spyware and I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! : )

Geez. I encourage you to use your name, stand behind your words.
I don't want to discourage anyone from posting anonymously just when you come out with fighting words you should stand behind them.
Also, just joking about the spyware.
Woah to you all! I will certainly not say who I am now. I am a bunch of people, actually. You all appear to be a bunch of back-rubbing, self-satisfied members of a country club ( I also found it interesting that the first crit. of my post was telling me to get some humor. I actuallly think that my post was the funniest thing I've read on this blog--it evoked cackles of laughter from some of us). Boadwee: that was a real load of shit--do you understand what class is? The fact that you even use this blog indicates that you are in a privilidged class...and the $40 in your bank account doesn't prove a thing to me about how "down" you are....your education is your priveledge...and the stuff about living in the black neighborhood and all that is that classic cliche know how it goes: "hey! I've got black (gay, hispnaic, poor, etc) friends".....and the weirdest thing of all is that stuff where you ask me if I'm black....holy shit! Souds like If I'm not black I better be gay and if I'm not gay I am an humorless asshole...what if I'm a gay black asshole?
Or....I'm a dead Latina with a CRAZY BLACK NAME!
I'm a hetero white man-- I just came across this blog-- I'm researching the Nixmary story for Time Out, and while I'll admit I couldn't get away with saying it in our publication, I thought the original posting was funny too. I'll bet these peeps is a bunch of humorless dikes.

Hans Blix
One more website to check out:

www. overlydefensiveunabletoadmitthatweallhavepriviledgeguiltandstillinsistthatnixmaryisanabsurdblacknameeventhoughsheislatinacauseallpeopleofcolorarethesamethinkyour'resofunnybutyouain'

Al Bit Mary
and one more:
dear "ANON" (i'm guessing that's a typo because someone with such strong convictions would probably step up to the plate and identify themself),

you know, you're right. i have a computer and i went to college and I AM PRIVILEDGED. i feel really shitty about that. i will NEVER MAKE FUN of black names again. I WILL NEVER MAKE FUN OF ANYTHING AGAIN. as a PRIVILEDGED, COMPUTER OWNING, COLLEGE EDUCATED (GASP) WHITE MAN i am TOTALLY ASHAMED OF MYSELF. i promise to NEVER MAKE FUN OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE EVER AGAIN. i won't be commenting any further on this subject. I WILL BE BUSY with DIVERSITY SENSITIVITY TRAINING CLASSES .
God, lesbians can be so humorless.
corny, wow, i was up working late and then got on your blog and it's crazy. i really don't want to stir shit up and i really like the blog as a positive forum. so, sincerely, apologies to anyone who's angry, pissed off, whatever.
the reason i got sucked into all of this is because i just thought it was pretty lame that you got lambasted for linking to the black names site. you thought it was funny, i thought it was funny, whatever. to us it's funny. some people take this kind of shit very seriously. personally, i don't get it but respect to everyone and their position. i'm not real invested in political correctness but i suppose it has its place. i do think a little levity is always a good thing. corny, you're just about the coolest person i know and you're heart is always in the right place so i take exception to what i perceive as an implication otherwise. perhaps I"M being overly sensitive. it's totally in my nature to defend you. i probably shouldn't have taken the bate. i got out of bed to write this. i'd be gutted if i ever caused you any real grief. xo boadwee
yes anon, your assesment is true blue, PC has it's place. the issues of humor and crossing a line into what is percieved as racism is an emotional issue. I'm surprised a small volcano eurupted here in the shady knoll of ABCN. I'm gunna mull this over some... I guess I feel like I'm on the same side ultimatley as the angry person, i'm not the enemy, I'm not a Klansman or whatever, Klanslady.

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