Thursday, January 26, 2006

Master David Humphrey opens tonight at Sikkema Jenkins and Co on 22nd street. Behold this sweet and bizarre painting. The portrait of a marriage aspect of this painting seems to channel Grant Wood's American Gothic, but less goth and more japaneese teenage girl. Also showing with David is Jeff Gauntt. I don't know Jeffs work but I know he's a swell DJ.

Were blown away that Pete got arrested AGAIN thats twice in one day. I'm feeling like this is going to be one of those Darryl Strawberry situations where the hero falls, plummets really, then spend the rest of his life stumbling, lurching around like a drug addled frankenstein toppling over on himself and never getting fully upright again. Very depresssing. I can't believe he is loved by all of Britian, he has a band and managers and a record company and parents yet no one will do an intervention.

DH rocks it straight into the woods and he won't come back for 10 minutes. I am toothless and ready for tonight's celebration of DH.
I've been working on my strength, speed and stamina all week, I'm streching, doing my warm up routine to get ready. I'll probabley give myself some quite time for prayer before the show, just to get centered. Woo-Hoo!
Weebil dogs... cute or sad?

Re: Pete, he is acting very traditionally, really. Just honoring the his ancestral history of rock!
Jeff is sweet & makes work a little like Echo Eggebrecht. Was my neighbor in illegal loft building when I was a tenant's rights activist. Hard to imagine me as activist but I was good. 12 people in Dumbo weren't evicted because they passed this obscure fire warden exam I found online when I wasn't downloading porn.
dinner with Kate Moss = $275
new captins hat = $60
black eyeliner = $3.50
arrested twice in one day = priceless
he's no jarvis
Yea Jarvis, Pulp and RelaxedMuscle! All good.
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