Friday, January 06, 2006

Mein Droog, Medrie MacPhee opened at Michael Steinburg Gallery last night, it was brilliant. The show is beautiful and we were especially excited about the recent drawings in the back of the gallery. Medrie with typical originality and flair held an aerobic step class after the opening at Glass bar. Mountain Man and Slothy and Sillman and Mr. Humphery and many others were sweating to the oldies all nite, good times. Congrats Med, a billion kisses xooxx

Medrie rules
corny, you are adorable, and I accept... I'm sure our spouses will understand.
Cool! my cat will walk on his hind legs and carry my train, his training regimen begins right now.
So much to plan for!
comme ça?
Medrie's show is great! LOVE & covet those drawings.
Medrie does rock. And this painting is a great one. I am going to check the gallery website for more so I can post one too. I need to go back and see it again with less peeps. There is some kind of buoyant but lonely feeling in there. Must examine further.
Exactly MM, the crowd at the opening really got in the way,
though the brilliant color of the paintings played nicely against our sleek black jumpsuits making us all look great...
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