Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If you had to carry the new Olympic Torch which way would you go? We have it on good authority that the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing will have a torch with a retro look, -imagine lit, Que dramatico!

I am watching Dildo trying to give a state of the union address. I'd love to torch him...
Come and get me FBI.
Hillary couldn't stop rolling her eyes around, loved that. And Kaine’s Better Way response was made me feel a little better, otherwise depressing night of TV... I can't believe the retoric, it's surreal. Renewable energy is good but christ, nuclear energy? I'm all for corn powered cars, if Gore was in office we'de alreaty have them.
Sorry Pd for not responding right away to the torch joke. It's funny. You're funny, but watching the dildo in chief blablabla wank wank blablabla wank wank wank has drained my humor.
I understand. I was trying to make myself feel better with jokes...but this joke isn't funny anymore.
The only thing that could make me and my special needs feel better is the Olympic torch set on high.
people, check in with AngryBlackBitch (link is on my side bar) tomorrow, she always offers a scathing response to the SoU.
"this bitch is committed to reporting both the texture and quantity of Presidential bullshit."
corny, this reminds me of the strange flowers that released psychedelic spores on the original "Star Trek" series -- but this would be an updated version, manufactured by Spoon.
Interesting blog. I can see that you've done a lot of work on it.

Emini Futures Day Trader
I would never stick that Dildo anywhere near me.
It doesnt have to be near you rita, it's just as affective from afar.
The sweetest pleasures are those that are felt from across the room.
Or from the floor of the olympic stadum to the last row in the bleachers, it's going to be a very warm and welcoming opening ceremony this year.
Yes, the crowd will swell...
The shot putters will make sure of that.
I can't look at this torch with out thinking WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? It looks like a high end Airwick©
Yes, thats right Thumbody, in the oldendays men spread their seed by hand, but now there are non-lethal dissemination systems to deliver the seed to the target individual or group!
p p p pow pow pow... pow pow
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Yeah!!! something like paintball? Or more like 5 minute Abstraction, 7 minute fish in wrapper...

I got a painting trophie when I was a kid for winning the Halloween Window Painting Contest in my town. It's the best thing I own.
There should be an art Olympics. Thumbody, will you get on that. Hey, where'd your post go Slothy?
Dubai is a city hungry for a painting olympics.
i was embarassed...
don't worry, sloth, you can remain behind the scenes. I am setting a plan in motion, it's now or never for establishing the Painting Olympic in Dubai.
off to the bottom of the earth where a pile of rocks awaits breaking.
Rock-breaking = excellent upper-body workout, Corny. You will be in supreme condition for the games - my money's on you for the gold.
I meant Bush (dildo, not dildo, dildo.
Bush = dildo.
It's been scientifically proven:

Corny, I think I love you.
anonymous, I have to respectfully disagree with this article... The stone-age dildo is kind of beautiful. I want to take it to Bedrock.
for the record corny, i take it back about fortress of solitude. it got deep after page 200 for me. camden, come on.
Flintstone - meet my fintstone - it's a modern stoneage acces sor y -
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