Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mrs. Cub and I worked out our ideal dinner party. We were both vying to sit next to Dracula but Mrs. Cub prevailed and got him, I'll be fine in between Pete Doherty and Cameron Diaz. The B.R. under Liz Taylor and Betty Ford indicates before rehab. The only potential problem I can see is having a bunch of bookish people dominating one corner of the table however the writers do like to drink so it should be ok. There were a lot of actors/actresses we wanted but ultimately did not invite, not wanting it to become a hollywood gossip session where we would feel left out at our own party...

Clockwise from top
Cameron Diaz
Betty Ford (BR)
Mary Shelly
Dorothy parker
Martha Stewart
Bill Clinton
Tina Fay
Peter Lorry
Liz Taylor (BR)
Pete Doherty

one of my friends has a wierd Tina Fey fetish & celebrates her birthday . But who am I to point fingers: I have a wierd Oprah thing: I like it when she makes people cry and just sits there wearing a shitload of Harry Winston jewelry saying stuff like "so you used your children".
Are you serving cat?
So the state of Israel has severed ties with Pat Robertson for saying Sharon's health problems are divine retribution.
what's wrong with sharon stone's health?
i think helen keller would really get the party started. if you have room between bill and martha...
I like the idea of Helen Keller between Houdini and Betty Ford (BR).
Kelli, the christian conservatives are just now catching on to what everyone else realized years ago, pat robertson is a bat short of a belfry...

and I LOVE that you have a thing about Oprah, I KNOW! She's a sadistic fuck isn't she, ultimatly she comes off as sympathetic after she's fisted you up the ass in a genial kinda way.
Hellen keller, Suzanne, thats hilarious.
Who else is at your table?
Marlee Matlin?
yr dinner party

houdini was fueled by hubris, a materialist showoff who set out to prove that rational thought and his own cleverness and prowess ruled!

just a hunch, but he will probably dominate every bit of conversation and be a big bore.

But hey it's your party
PAR-TAY [not in this order]
1. Helen Keller (Louis Braille as alternate)
2. Nixon (Ralph, from FAME as alternate)
3. Marco Polo
4. Iris Murdoch
5/6. those twin child demagogues from Burma (er, Myanmar)--one with the black tongue, other with cigar
7. Jennifer Capriati
8. Canoe counselor from summer camp--Lisa something
9. a large bitchy swan
10. Me
My party doesn't sound so good
Susan Sontag
Vanessa Bell (on the same karmic path as moi, according to my astrologer)
Pj HArvey
Luc Tuymans (eye candy)
David Hammonds (more candy)
Walt Whitman
Lady Bunny
Suzanne your party would be extrodinary. I love that you have nixon at your party, thats a good one so is Jennifer Capriati, I used to be obsessed with her, and loved her all the more for her crack binge. I don't know who the twins are, will look into it imediately.
I'd love to come to your dinner party, would love the seat in between Walt Whitman and Lady Bunny if that could be arranged. Pj Harvey might be an introverted bore or shy. I wonder what Vanessa bell was like, She's be fun to meet.
Corny, mere words cannot express my love for this.
Capt'n Ii imagin your table would be filled with the likes of Annette Funichello, Franky Avalon and the rest of the beach blanket bingo gang, no?
oh shit it's 12:00 alreaty!
yeah, plus Harriet The Spy, Judge Judy, Flavor Flav, Sylvia Plath, Phyllis Diller, Patricia Arquette, Cartman, Paul Weller, Serena Williams, Emma Goldman, Liza, & Alex Krebeck.
I can't believe we didn't include Phyllis Diller. I am ashamed for even calling our dinner a "party" without her.
Pat Robertson, Jon Bon Jovie, Rosie O'Donell, Katie Holmes, Howard Stern, Rudy Guliani, and Miss Piggy.
We could serve Miss Piggy.
Thanks Corny! For two things....the hilarious bumper stickers you sent me AND for the recommendation of the Kaiser Cheifs--they are amazing. I owe you.
rita, that is hilarious. We could play Induro-dinner, who can stay at the table the longest, I'd last 10 minutes tops before I'd have to go to the bathroom for a hit of crack.
Capt'n, phyllis Diller is an inspired choice along with Sylvia Plath... that would be a good table for two option. Really the whole party should be video taped for the smithsonian archives
corny, the Phyllis Diller/Sylvia Plath table for two option cracked me up. You funny, G!
jd salinger
linda blair
martha stewart- i can't help it.
joan didion
lance loud
jimmy paige
anne sexton
amy sedaris
rick james
patty hearst
Mrs. Cub is going to be POed that she forgot to invite Patty Hirst to our dinner. This is an amazing collection of people and I love that you invited Lance Loud, also Morrissey, old morrisey I presume? No need to be apoligetic about having matha at our table, not around these parts.
I am:
a)the worst speller in the history of people who write
b)a bad typer (did I spell that right?)
you and the mrs. are obviously welcome. i'll put her inbetween patty and rick james.
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