Wednesday, December 27, 2006


"Queen of the Night" from Mozart’s Magic Flute
nice leiderhosen
Ijust found out that I come from a family of artists: my brother was born on the same day as Duchamp...does this in fact make me a ready-made?
Oh yeah! I never heard it so good. Just wait til his balls grow in.
His father is off in the wings with a pair of sissors, a little snippy snippy and this boys got a life in music!
Gonzo, that makes you a ready made, a kinetic/sculpture/performance/readymade/happening
Well, I guess I didn't get EVERYTHING the first time I cut 'em.
father with sissors, you didn't get everything. You left a dangeling mole on my neck, some nose hairs, the tag on my leiderhosen, also my limbs, I have no need for them being a singer and all and it would make me more streamline and compact if you would remove my limbs pronto.
Thanks in advance,
I was so excited over the holidays when I was reading my family's astrology. I told my brother that he was Duchampian ( he doesn't know crap about him) and my dad is Sir Joshua Reynolds. My brother used to draw nicely, hmmm.
Here is a song, of course, about a bad lady losing her shit (unlike 99% of the rest of opera's top 40...) which begs many questions:

1.)What part of this makes boy not gay?
2.)What if boy grows up to be a bass?
3.)What part of this makes father with scissors not gay?
4.)Is mommy drunk again?
is that a young Hank Williams III?
father with scissors has me laughing so...mommy had two heinekens like 3 weeks ago and hasn't had a drink in like 6 months before that when she got a DUI and wound up in the tombs jail facility of lower manhattan which was NOT at all to mommies liking.
she has since stopped her she-nanigans and is on the mend, a las.
judging from the look of that gathering of hitler youth at the beginning, it's going to be another lord-of-the-flies encore
why is the picnic table "singing"?
I would like to ask certain parties if this is what they would be required to do before supper and after Mother had chainsawed the bed in half.

Either way, everyone's a winner!
what are you talking about , boy? She's just a little baby dyke headed for boi. Sheesh.
this is what mothers sing AS they chainsaw a bayd. and no one else gets to sing along. or sing for a long time afterwards.
Oh, Pamina.

Corny, I had to put up a counterpoint on TS just to be fair/balanced.
what is TS?
oh yeah, TS duh
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