Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A.L. Steiner 1 Million Photos, 1 Euro Each (minimum order)
Two weeks left!!! See it now, the SEXIEST ROOM IN NEW YORK CITY is up until January 6th, 2006 at John Connelly Presents.

Capital: abstract entity that consensus reality has agreed shall be the Ultimate Power, charged with determining each human's worth and destiny, as well as decreeing where, how, and under what circumstances, if any, imagination, emotion, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and the exploration of consciousness A) exist at all; or B) have value if acknowledged to exist; and C) who will have access to them in those moments when they officially exist with value; and D) under what guidelines and restrictions approved practitioners will be able to indulge imagination, creativity, curiosity, et al, and toward what ends. —Dr. Laurie Weeks, I Went to Find Some Kunst and All I Got Was This Lousy Kapital

In the space between capital- filthy lucre, piles of cash, call it what you will--and the Object, lies the relationship between Maker of Thing and Consumer of Thing. Though this relationship is largely invisible because it vibrates at a wavelength no longer detectable by the modern, well-trained human sensorium, it’s nonetheless fraught, seething, and thermonuclear in its power precisely by virtue of remaining unconscious and unacknowledged. A.L. Steiner’s 1 Million Photos, 1 Euro Each (minimum order) is being offered at John Connelly Presents, an installation delineating the collection of 1,000,000 photographic objects. Items are purchased, traded, displayed, shared, valued, and exploited; artists act as fabricators, collectors as heirs. In order to redefine this relationship beyond purchasing power, Steiner frames the absurd impulses of both photography and consumerism as a contractual commitment, offering an evolving life-long installation & interpersonal relationship at a cost of only ¤1,000,000. An archive of 1,000,000 photos will be offered piecemeal throughout the lifetime of the artist and collector in order to define the act of storytelling via the capitalist relationship. Defining the role of the collector as a privileged position, the artist offers dialogue, evolution and the availability of a continuous, pulsating photographic record- in totality- until the end comes. Look at the works as aesthetic and also as a record that bleeds beyond image, well into the weight of history. Do all things possess actuality, existence and essence in both life and death? Perhaps nowhere than In the relationship between Maker and Consumer--with all its chaotic longings, losses, petty thieveries, paranoia, inappropriate crushes, gratuitous double-crossings, stalkings, gossip, and just generalized pandemonium (resulting from confusion about the Nature of Reality and perhaps an unfortunate choice of shoes)--can we more clearly see the entire tragedy of the Human Condition being played out. In real time.1 We all have good intentions, but with strings attached.
1 Dr. Weeks, Bloodbath in a Dewdrop

I saw this show and was shocked into awe.
Hey Asshole, Nice to see your bigoted, biphobic friend "working".
Kelli, is that you?
It's been a while...

First of all, why is "working" in quotes? Why are you calling my friend Biphobic? and Bigoted?
Please explain your hate.
she just wants a date. fortunately i'm available!
I can't help it. I am restless with hate because I am bisexual. No one likes a bisexual and that hurts, that burns like a nasty yeast infection.
Lets make it a three way!

Bi the way Ms. Andry, you shouldn't be scared of bifocals, they're just glasses for old people like us!
Please don't be afraid of me either.
Lets perform rape on anon to prove you are not bipolar, I mean biphobic.
Funs! But alas, I need to report to the refinery...
I'm a stocking stuffed full of little gifts like weariness, annoyance, plus I have bird shit in my hair.
WOW! Hot action around here. The hate sentiments are scintillating. For the record, I have always been supportive of bisexual forays into homosexual territories. We have more than one support group at the Center for this as well as Reiki and Reichian therapies.
Sounds like you should check in for some rest, Corns. Me, I went to the russian baths and feel like a million mellow dollars now. i recommend it to all, even anon.
I'm not sure if I need a rest or a can of Cocaine... either way, I'll take the support group, can I take the group into the russian bath with me? Will we all fit? Will the support group hold up mirrors and hit me with giant leaves and stuff. I want to have one party after another this holiday season but Mrs.Cub is in hybernation mode... can we have a wednesday night HO down at the met or something?
uh,i'm blowing off two hannukah parties and going tonight. innerested?
you could definitely use mirrors in the baths, Mary. Though some of those kooky ol E.V. ladies will show you theirs for free. I'd say a large support group of about 25 could fit in the turkish room, fyi.
File the above under "reasons not to have a blog"...
The freaks come out at night. This womb is working, overtime, the yin to Tal R and Meese's Pink Castle yang, up right now too, and not just another all over taxonomy of titilation, rather a second alternate universe occuring in the very heart of all things boy (JCP). We would turn the walls inside out and dip the whole thing in lucite, fuck the Earth Room, lets have this on permanent display.
Beautiful Sammy J. For the record, I begged certain people to give birth at the gallery but certain people won't budge on the issue, however a museum might sweeten the pot.
Life on permanent display sounds bloggy, I am often imbarassed in the real world by my permanent displays here, but like Grammy Master B always says, it's not art if you aren't willing to humiliate yourself. As it happens, right now, the second alternate universe you speak of is heading to the Chelsea Forest on the vessel called the USS MEATBALL, coexisting planes of beauty (or posible beauty subsistence) seperated by a thin omelet-like membrain, worlds with in worlds...
Ahh, Dr. Weeks, Dr. Cornholio. Is this some Femminist sequel to The Penis, The Dollar, The Lie?
Hi capt'n! You nailed it, and by nailed I don't mean in chodish way but rather to nail in the sense of bringing things together in a non-violent autonomous way. Hey has anyone seen the coverlet my cousin hand crocheted?
Yes, it's on the wall I papered myself--near the Picasso poster--Duh!
peeds, you posted at 9:11- whoa. I don't know what made me say that, I've got this funny sense of humor, I couldn't be downhearted if I tried...
(laughing out loud and falling out of my chair and rolling across the floor picking up lint and cat hair as I go)
hey, you up off the floor yet? is the floor clean? get it cleaned before the lil' grub arrives.
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