Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A small visual disquisition on heads...

omg how fking weird corny, I pulled my first monotype tonight & it's a disembodied bunny head... kind of a thalidomide bunny, I guess, with little ear-buds. Coinky-dink or proof of the existence of something-something?

I will address your brilliant image selection after my own head stops spinning...
disembodied bunny head sounds cool! Yea for precognition and mono-printing, cant wait to see it.
these are amazing images corny! i would also like to see slothy's bunny monotype... i have been obsessed with this for weeks... i want one.
i like heads. good heads. i like them taken off torso like this. very nice. i feel like that grassy head today. like a spy with a surprised expression. really.
speaking of heads, have you seen the "glitter and doom" show at the met? i really want to see that one. i think i may get out there for the last weekend of that show, if i'm lucky.
Hi all!

See you
Nicole you have a fab vocab. I am having to look up words everytime I leave the refinery.
I'm Sophia,
from UAE,
and I'm 15 y.o

Hi, Everybody
I've studied English sinse Spring .
It's very!
I want like to meet handsome gays and girls and practisice My English with them.

Thank You
What does the saying "I am here to see a man about a horse" mean?
I used it in a disquisition and am not sure if I did so correctly.

Also, I can make my mouth look like an anus by crunching my lips together in a whistle formation.
Can you do a disquisition on arses?

"I am here to see a man about an arse."
I think it's " I have to see a man about a dog" and for some reason it means I have to poop.
Ok. Not important.
Nxmary for the jr. name?

I think that name has maybe a Trinidadian root. hmm.

Triple you are a wild one.

I want to visit Emily Dickinson House with someone.

I like the names Tuesday, Erin, Nxmary, Gonzo
Hey Frienda, when's Frienda Jr. due?
I like Gonzo alot anon Gonzo Madora Chumsford Cub.
kinda catchy.
End of january Capt'n, the house is alreaty getting junked up with very ugly plastic object that one apparently needs to raise a kid.
Oh my lord god, Corny! Whoa. Wow. I have to get my mind around this. Or should I say my HEAD

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Don't believe the hype. That plastic doesn't help a bit.
Hold your kid. Sing, talk and dance. Make sure the little shit eats and uh shits. He/she/it will be fine. The plastic is for other people to express to you how happy they are for you without really doing anything truly helpful like watching the little bugger while you have a conversation or take a bath.
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