Monday, December 11, 2006

All aboard ABCN's visual omnibus of The Bodys relationship to bumps and the vincture of lumpage

wow corny, Yamile looks like she could crush a coconut between those steely thighs... or a head. Maybe this is her superpower?

Might I submit a self-portrait to your Salon Des Lumpées? I've grafted some yams onto my buttocks just to keep things interesting.
i have some fennell in my fannypack.
Lumpen torsos are my specialty. Sidle on over to me in my trailer, ladies. I am nude, hairy and waiting for something. I am not without charm. I am not without beers.
Hi again. I made my first post in 2 months. I am only telling you because if I don't tell you then no one will know. I don't expect a handshake but a couvade would be nice. Please. I pay.
Weird. I commented here last night and it vanished. Not that it was anything good. I think I said something about your girlfriend in the tree and her TMJ tension. Yeah it was hilarious. This is yet another killer post by Corny, the Gatekeeper at the crossroads of Culture and Science.
I love the lumpen, corny. Tumors, fungus all sorts of "-itis" I really think Rei Kawakubo could have gone further, say bruise colored clothes, the wet look.
Lets all get together soon and rub lumps shall we? I love trailers and I love beer, I'm there MM. Your couvade is my pleasure as long as Yamile is there to work the door and when I say "work the Door" I mean WORK IT.
Holy COW! Katie Couric looks ***HOT*** in a bikini!!!!
Corns, I asked you never to show that pic of me in the tree. Jeez!!
I vote yes for lump-rubbing.
I love "itis" too. Yes to lump-rubbing.
looks like louise got punched in the lump.
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anon, I am interested in your "others products." If I apply the Penis Growth Patch® to my forehead, will it germinate?
having just returned from NIPS Final Judgment Review Blabs, I can report seeing many works of the type pictured in the first photo.
That... SHAPE!
Sounds like you are a top notch NIPS instructor slothy, though I wonder if the penis on the forhead might not be distractng for them ... you know, just thinking out loud here.
congrats sloth on your survival of NIPS 2006!!

treelady is clearly the most most most distrubing photo here. the longer i gaze the more questions i am asking.
maybe she split that treetrunk in two with her bare hands 10 minutes prior to the photo and now she is peeing on it to declare dominance?
But what is she chewing??
She looks like one could stick a pin in her and she would deflate like a balloon and end up looking like Louise's getup.
Yamile Couric does rais questions but I think you are correct FB about the tree splitting and subsequent territorial marking. I don't know what shes chewing on, maybe a big muscley toung?
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