Sunday, December 03, 2006

Last night at the Pluto opening I looked around me and realized not only are my friends talented but they are all, across the board, SHIT HOT. Or make that HOT SHIT, either way...

you kids rule!

I know, man! They's a hott-ass bunch o' ladays for sure.

Congratulations on what sounds like a killer show, Corny.

you ain' to shabby neither, babe.
if we had one more girl we could spell c-o-r-n-y on our tiny t-shirts!! p.s. shorts in kooter = ouch.
gotta say, I'm glad I wore my pantyhose with the reinforced panel for that shot.
Wow, you got me in my "O" shirt--my favorite tee. Dubz will be excited to hear she's SHIT HOT!
Thats me on the left in the form of sunglasses dangeling from S's finger.
Peeds I like your Hair, it looks just like mine looked in high school, big fluffy and product free!
What is the plural form of "camel toe?"

P.S. Did you see the beaver shot?
If Sarah can wait, Zach wants to marry her!
i want to be the letter "i", is that ok?
3D that is an amazing gathering of crotches!

Zach etc, I'm sure Sara would be willing to marry zach right now even though he is only 2yrs old. I think thats legal in Utah.

FB, You could be "i" but only if you get a giant afro to top it off.
i like the thighs on "H," but i want to be the "W" in BROWN.
I like the super slim disappearing torso on H, but feel certain her shorts could be pulled up higher. I want to be the tube sox.
A and G glass should pay you. I got their phone number off of your blog. My glass was smashed this morning but they didn't take my autoharp or my baseball mitts or flippers.
I am willing to wait only 20 years for cute baby zach, but after that... I can't wait any longer.
rainbow suspenders
roller skates
orange camaro
also missing: pants.
Radio headphones with antenna
Knee pads
clubs or other weppons of choice
anon; The flippers and harp tell me you are the ghost of a dolphin but I'm confused as to why a dead sea mammal would have mitts in his car. But whatev, judge not least ye be judged or something, right?
Dubz, Pants are never "missing" they're just somewhere else and they're usually not missed.
PS Thank you for the hidden hot pants.
cool. i didn't think you cared. : )
wheel chairs
bulky maxi pads, of course corns, but don't forget the monistat
someone's got to have an amputeed limb
heart monitor
hair net
but we shure got pussy
wrist bands
lyrical sandals
budweiser dress
Thigh bands
faux turtlenecks
Fanny packs
fanny packs! yeah.
rats nests
scar tissue
seeing eye dogs
long indian print dresses and wool socks, oh wait, thats Dory Previn's rival girl gang, nevermind.

beer bong hats
pliers that signal the threat of privates removal
Faux turtle necks are actually called 'dickies', you know..


pig tails
cum stains
ferrets on leashes

foam at the mouth
sundial-sand monument, with time thingy that swings back and forth, large
smell of fresh toni home perm
traffic cones
beads of sweat

jar of cockroaches
hemmeroid cream
ankle and wrist weights

leg warmers

butane curling iron
Lip Smackers® lip gloss
all they need is an "L" to spell SLOTH... is Kate Jackson free? Oh, this is JUST what I wanted for christmas!!!

Holly Hobby bonnets
Mork from Ork T-shirts

serial killer
Noodle, Dubz!

bed sores
nail fungus
enema tubes


shoe horn
there is krust slothy; i'm sure of it!

ziploc bags
apple fritters
I see a shoe horn in the crotch of "H". It is jammed up in there, try to prove me wrong.


ass tampons
breast milk pumps

fruit roll ups
dream catchers
hemhorroid cozies
yes, you're right. shoe horn in crotch of "H" is readily apparent. i retract shoe horn.


summers eve
rug burn
chapped lips
i can't stop looking at their crotches
pearl necklaces.

Dubz there is no reason to stop. And I have an admission:

I saw the movie this image comes from H.O.T.S. (don't remember what it stands for). I was 13, babysitting for neighbors, looking for a video to watch after I put the kids to sleep...turns out the dad had this massive collection of sorority girl funtime movies. I made my secret way through as many tapes as I could.
I think they all have the std's.
Girls in short hiked up shorts, tube sox & elaborately winged hairs = std's.
whoa mm. i will try to netflix it. is part II called H.O.T.S: extended cameltoe?
nah, these chicks are virgins. obvious by the fact that they wear bras.
I am in love with std's. I see them everywhere. My vision is occluded by pus.
DUbz have you ever thought of adding tube sox to your purple hose/hot undershorts/boots get up? Now THAT would be HOTS.
I think originally they were supposed to spell 'hooters'... the other girls called in sick with crabs. or maybe their spelling just ain't so great....
dubzy in tube sox = ... um, excuse me, but I have to go "take a nap" now...
mm, your post a while back gave me an idea....

Why settle for ordinary string when you can have...

Dreamcatcher Tampons ®

Wind Chime Tampons®

Pine Tree Air Freshener Tampons®

I'm testing prototypes, if anyone's interested.
I love it Sloth. Can there be a jingle that includes the phrase "live free and easy"? For this full service line of menstrual plugs?
YES!!!! mm, will you please handle the product identity for me? We could also do "swing free & easy."
Two different refrains: swing, then live. For maximum confusion. If there is to be a product identity, may I suggest a panda?
a nice soft panda who inserts each plug by hand... ah... i'm off to take a nap (in tube sox)...
This is HILLARIOUS. it's like waking up on kwanzaa morning with a tube sock full of EZ glide! I will consult these comments all day for inspiration at the upstate facility.
rug burn and pearl necklaces, dubz you funny. Not that bed sores
nail fungus and enema tubes aren't funny.
I dont even know what to do with the Dreamcatcher tampon®

It's all for you Corns. It is a sign from Jesus that all of these things and more will be on you at some point during the holiday season. Consider it a miracle.
Can our "swing free and easy" line of tampons include a plug for every hole?
aw you guys are disgustingly great.
Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!
Twinkies, forget the tampons...don't like cotton mouth
Feelin groovy, just had my cheerios
shamless plug to be posted across the artblogosphere...

Tonight on ABC (8pm EST) during 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town', check out the 'premiere' of the latest project I've been working on.

In the second commercial break there will be a :60 animation for Pampers, followed by a :60 pampers commercial. This animation is our latest 'branded entertainment' project to hit air.

The idea was to make a stop-motion animation spot that only airs in Holiday classics. Our animation then acts as a bridge from programming to commercial campaign. The last shot of our animation mimics the first shot of their spot, and our ending music also references Silent Night, the song used in their campaign.

Anyhoo, it turned out really cute. And it was damn fun to work on.

If you miss it, it airs a few times throughout the month on abc/cbs/nbc in various Holiday specials. And the spot will be hosted on as well, but it's not yet posted on their main page.
Arthur the pamper man, I am going to keep an eye out. Sounds very cool.
i want to see some pictures of the paintings! who has them? maybe somebody already posted a link and i missed it.
whaddaya think we're hot and we also make paintings? sheesh. who's got time.
i forgot to mention that i am looking for a position in diapers.

how can i enter diapers?

arthur, can you hook me up?
martin, perhaps an audition for baby new year '07 is in order?
where do i send my head shot????
what's this pampers bullshit? shouldn't this be an advertising-free zone?
missing: bikini wax
mustache bleach
We love adult Pampers, especially the nu Pampers Herringbone Twill Cargo Collection® I appreciate a diaper with pockets and belt loops. Anon, when is the last time you ate lunch at Coffe Shop on Union Square? OK?
that is such a good idea corns, i mean, why NOT wear pampers as pants, why keep such a beautiful hidden. i want to let the world know about my personality through pampers dockers®, pampers argyle, pampers raver®, luxury pampers, so many options.

if this is a crime i am guilty as charged.
putting on my pampers makes me want to nurse.

who will nurse me?
These ladies are wearing pampers Fitness Collection® and if thats a crime, it pays.
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