Monday, November 13, 2006

Our reintroduction to yoga has left us barely able to walk. The Mrs. is also not walking so well these days due to RLP
so we've ordered these stylish walker chairs from Pottery Barn (accessories like the brochure holder avalible at J.Crew)

is that 100% pvc piping on the walker? what's going on with the strap between her legs? is there a poratable toilet add-on available with this unit? colors?
The add on chastity belt is avalable from Jcrew. They do it in a wool tartan and tweed
and there's a shimmering lilac spandex
version if you're feeling sporty spice
It is 100% pure PVC piping, accept nothing less then the best!
screw the walker. Where can I get that outfit!! Classy.
That stylish ensemble in fall colors is from the Post-Menopausal clothing catalogue called CHOICES HILL FASHION CLUB... Also avalable through the QVC. They make teriffic adult diaper covers in demin & valoure
Why you guys skimping in the walker area? Why don't you just get motorized scooters? And maybe one of those electronic stair chairs? And while you're at it, Cy says he'd like an electronic stair chair for his travels to the yard.
And I want one too, for all those times I kick my Oats carton to the floor! What, you think my wings don't get tired?
Forget the electronic chair stair. I want this outfit. Do they have cat sizes?
i really need to see a pic of the mrs., but i understand if you can't comply due to me being a total flake when you were last in my neck of the woods.
The saftey crotch harness looks rather...chafey.
It is chafey Arthuuur... It appears as though the strap is hanging low but in fact our models crotch is only 3 inches above her knees (!) making for a very sung fit.

Thats why she's smiling
She smiles harder when walking over gravel
The belt part is motorized PD....
Well that's more like it. So the belt massages your abdomen as you walk, right?
corny Red Bull just shot out my nose & got all over my white NIPS lab coat... next time I read ABCN, I'll be sure to tape a Depends® tp my chest.
"to" my chest.... der.
Sloths contrary to popular belief systems, you don't have to be old or crippled to use a walker. I think you'de look cute in PVC piping.
Amra, we've ordered a
wide angle lens, pics will be coming shortly.
Dude, can I attach one of these to my surfboard?
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