Friday, November 03, 2006

Artist of the Day: Dan Perjovschi lives and works in Bucharest. He did a massive wall drawing project at the Tate Modern this past spring, covering 4 walls of a room with comic social commentary. We particularly like Sponsors are bad, curators are bad, directors are bad, artists are good. !

Spinart went from dance party to porn shoot to grope fest pretty smoothly last night. Pd, you were missed.
PD was definitely missed. Also missing was any shred of dignity on my part. As per usual.
ah, screw dignity...

you can quote me on that.
no, make that: "eh, screw dignity..."
oh man you guys. did i at least start the groping by mauling mm on my way out? i'd like to think i contributed in some small way. if there are photos i will need copies for my locker asap.
and i just want you all to know that whichever lovely lady impregnated me last night i'm gonna need financial assistance raising "our" child, ok?
I deny all accusations of paternit... matern...
pamaternity? Flaternity? Anyway it couldn't have been me; I was wearing a female condom.
AND a sponge.
Now you want compensation? All I got to say to our "love child" is good luck charlie. Next thing your going to be asking for Spiced Jizzlate served to you in bed!
Sloths you are Americas Next Top Role Model
Thank you. I was also on the Glad Rag®
I just want to say for the record that while UncleFritz thinks I'm dangerous, really it's his slutty wife who's the instigator
yes, she is truly filthy.
Thanks sloth, I've been wondering where to reuseable paisley patterened menstral pads
Dory Previn approved
Fritzy's a little smutty, too...
yes, PAISLEY PADS. dig it! Dory makes them herself.
", I can't go out tonight, I'm busy washing my reuseable maxi-pads..."
christmas is taken care of!
you're all sluts. somehow i got knocked up and i'd appreciate it if you wouldn't use my "situation" as a marketing platform. the Glad Rag® is only 99.9% effective anyway.
here's a tip, Dory: you can recycle the old ones by hand-stitching them together into a quilt! (i.e., coverlet)...
i'm a walking Jizzlatté® courtesy of BrownStarFuks®
Dubz, one day you will tell your son or daughter about GladRags®, and you will silently thank me.
i just called GladRags® headquarters in mobile and they're going to use the kid in a campaign called "get an education or you'll end up knocked up and/or in iraq." i think it involves offset printing and maybe a nationwide bus tour (not official yet! so zip it!)
I don't know what I expect to accomplish at the refinery today, maybe I should join the Gladrags Across America Campaign myself. Honestly I'd like to be curled up under a maxi pad coverlet right now downing Leaky Chocolate Donut Drizzlers from BrownStarfucks®
Have you tried BrownStarFucker's® Eucalyptus Jizzlatté®? It's twice as fun coming out as it is going in...
Oh, I'm painting right now. I'm blogging psychokinetically. You should try it, Corny.
yeah i've tried it. kind of foamy but it really takes the sphincter up to a high shine.
i paint while i sleep to save time. corny you obviously need lessons in multitasking. i can show you how to act retarded and hold down a job simultaneously.
Please shine my sphincter with foam. This is a great idea. I just wanted to thank you all for letting me instigate myself all over you. I feel truly blessed.
Um that would be helpful dubz. but the truth is I get work done when I'm not working cause the "get an education or you'll end up knocked up and/or in iraq" kids are also my studio assistants, did you guys know that? They're not here today cause they're out in Hollywood working on a new series for Nickelodeon.
Slutty wife, your sphincter shines with the light of a million suns
let's face it, it's either iraq or hollywood. i choose hollywood! i choose freedom! and i'd like that spicy Jizzlatté now thank you very much.
Anish kapoor installed my sphincter himself, I'll be showing it at the tate modern this spring.
neato. parkett is producing a limited edition artist sphincter project that incorporates découpage and kinetic art. so kapoor really has his finger on the pulse, so to speak.
Me too, I chose hollywood too! We'll drive that goddamned camper van right up to the front gates of Paramount and demand screen tests as is our right as sluts who easily get undressed.
yeah, he's great. Victorias aunt has an Anish Kapoor that looks like a 9foot wide sphincter right in her wall. It cracks me up.
Love Anish. His work is so tight.
he should do a line of toilet seat covers
9-foot sphincter on your wall would be like a worm-hole to brown... an escape portal. I want one.
Anal toilet seat cover... that's kind of profound, corny. Another million-dollar idea...
Thanks Sloths I'll have the The "get an education or you'll end up knocked up and/or in iraq" kids make it happen when they get back from Hollywood
Maybe I'll pretend to work now for 5 minutes...
i have an anish kapoor seat cover. it's stretchy and tight and whore-proof (in case any of you sluts was thinking about impregnating my toilet).
when you say "seat cover," do you mean toilet seat or dubz seat?
Doesn't matter... I have never met a seat cover I couldn't breach. Prepare for boarding.
If I knew it was gonna involve serious groping....somehow I did not get that memo, sniff.
you have to work on the assumpion that at any moment it could go in that direction.
I'm sending you some ether gropes peeds
they are subtle
I am receiving 'em Corns, thanks. I am robotically opening a can of beer for you (in mime).
i'll grope any one of you fine whores, i mean ladies.
i'm gonna hold that.
Wow, corncub, wow. Now THIS is art, and I ain't just pullin' your cunt chain like usual.
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