Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last week I made a Ouija board and last night we took it for a spin.
This is what we got from the board:
S A M 7 2
(we ask if the spirit "Sam72" saw a doctor and the board said NO)
5 1
H V A ?
3 0
G E E V 7 ; R
D . F
Q Q F K ! (Obvious to everyone this meant "fuck you", at this point we asked the spirit if it was sad and the Planchette pointed to NO). It finished off with
A O W J T V (possibly it was talking to us in anagrams and trying to say Another Onerous Wench Joggles The Woodpecker, or something.

Oh was that last night? Shit, I was working a bar mitzvah and couldn't leave. I was spooking the boy during his hoftorah. I promise I'll show up next time, and not just speak gibberish.

J M K D E S 45
6 0 W Q
Whats up with the double booking Quija Willy, this is a real issue with you, but I'm sure I'll feel better if you would slime me with your ectoplasm
haunted Bar Mizvah PS, sounds amazing, my brother had a food fight at his.
coupla things--best beginner's seance ever. There was just too much good energy in the room, to much lovin'. thanks mr. and mrs. cub for a magic night. Also the seating arrangements were exquisite. I was VERY HAPPY.

The Liza video is further down on the team shredder blog--did ye find it? A mourning dove is sitting on my window. Corny, speaking of box of tissues, the ouija board was beautiful, it was so great how your spent the whole week on it and the whole night was magic. What I realized later was that Sam72 ate the INTELLIGENE portion of my brain while no one was looking!
Oh oh, I am sad. I found a place to hide in the ribbons in the trash down the street, but never worry, I will not haunt. However it was the doctor who got me and I am legless. And still now, legless. My legs caught fire after being thrown from the roof by the doctor who wished me to bite him but I would not. Seamonkee it is you I am attempting to find final true union with. Meet me near the ornery porpoise in the briny seas on the day of your choosing.
Are Other Woeful Jezebels Trading Virulence?
Got that Seamonkee? SAM72 will not haunt you, I know the board scares you, but you were brave and did not shit your pants, or if you did, I couldn't tell and I don't think anyone else could either!
sam there are woeful jezebeles trading virulence all over this damn city. As if you didn't know!
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