Monday, June 26, 2006

Do you feel a little blue today? Is something not quite right in your life? Do you have issues you complain about all the time to your friends? Do you have unpleasant feelings that float through you inner airspace releasing toxins that could potentially pollute your Yoni? Are you scared of something but don't know what? Please watch this, I promise, it will help.

what I hate most about pickles is there shape...
STOP!!!! STOP!!! I can't breathe! Corny this is the most frightening and hysterical thing I've ever seen. Let's kidnap her and bring her to Gus' Let's by her the DVD of "Crossing Delancy."
pd. It's true! it's awful and true. We've been trying to figure out if she's an actress because it's just too much. Tragic really though, I don't want to know what the trama stems from.
I was on my knees crawling across the floor weeping when I fist watched and heard her say that line about "what I hate most about pickles is there shape...
Pickels should be sold in mylar or black wrap like pornos, it would make shopping less tramatic for many who suffer from Ithyphallophobia
You think someone perpetrated the pickle rapes? Must be. She's gotta be auditioning for America's Next Top Tard.
Okay, I am laughing all over again. I think I popped a button from it.
I dunno. The girl next to here on the sofa is deathly scared of Mustard.
I'm scared of the 2 week old quiche in my fridge.
It keeps shooting me dirty looks like it's MY fault no one wants to eat it.
I'm afraid of Colonel Mustard, in the drawing room with the lead pipe.
lol, oh corny, that poor girl. I don't know what's funnier: her hystrionics or Maury sadistically chasing her around, trying to get her to "confront her fear."

Like the saying goes, sometimes a pickle is just a pickle, and sometimes it's a slimy green dick with warts.
Touch the pickle, Mariam. Touch it.

Mariam, it's a pickle, but it's not for eating, it's for licking, like an ice cream,
I think if they start by introducing her to a cornichon pickle thats nailed to a piece of wood she might begin to overcome her fear.
Sloths, can I borrow your giant green pickle costume? I'd like to wear it while pounding down his back door.
okay, I'll try to wash the pee-stains out of it after watching that viddy.
ps corny, that pickle-anon link was frickin high-LARious... more pee stains. my dry cleaner will be horrified.
I feel confused
i can understand being scared of huge dicks or tall, imposing monuments... but the pickle thing is weird. the cornichon treatment (slowly working up to a giant dill) sounds like the best therapy. i bet maury thinks he can fix her...
Maurys in posession of a small cornichon, now if i can just get him to let me nail it to a board...
Sloths send me your dry cleaning bills.

(If I had a quater for every time i said that...)
Hi capt'n. I know it's confusing. easier to follow if you read the libretto first.
I think Maury can fix her too, fix her real good.
You cracka me upa, Corn
at least she knows what shes scared of.
It's true. I am jealous that she knows where to put her fears. I put them on my lap instead. Lap trauma comes once an hour. Burns, scratches and bruises. Hi.
This is serious, I mean us "pickles" have done a lot of bad stuff. I try every day to be a good one. I want people to like me.
Q: who are the pickles' favorite artists? A: salvador dilly and nicucumber eisenman!
Hey Sharpe...that joke's a Vlassic!
Claussen Oldenberg?
John Morris, you sound like a good pickle

I wish I had a good pun. Pickle is all I can think.
Vlassilly Kandinsky?
MM pickle is not very punny. Please remove one garment of clothing.
a bottom, please.
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