Monday, May 08, 2006

Here are some meat hats from a Designboom® competition and helpful hints for keeping your meat hat fresh. We are working on a giant meat sombrero which will also double as our headquaters

q: how can I prevent a hat of meat from going bad? a: we suggest that when not in use, you keep your hat of meat in the refrigerator or freezer. for periods of prolonged exposure, spraying your hat with a thin coat of hairspray provides hours of protection.

q: how do I discourage flies and dogs from pestering me when I am wearing a hat of meat? a: a squirt-gun filled with lemon or lime juice is an excellent canine deterrent. a thin coat of hairspray on your hat of meat will keep the flies away.

q: how can I combat the foul smell that sometimes comes with older hats of meat? a: a simple solution is to lightly baste your hats of meat with barbecue sauce, teriyaki or other aromatic marinades

Hilarious Corny. Lovely and disgusting at the same time. Copious amounts of salt could help. And if you were out in the sun the meats could slowly cure and cook so by the end of a few days you'd have one tasty treat.
I would like to order an XXL bonnet made of ground pork, veal, n beef with bacon ties. This is the best post.
That's the one I want!!!! Love the link-ties. Oh Corns you've really done it this time!
I just added the dream meat-hat house to the post, imagin a village of Steak-Ums®
Yes MM I was thinking the same thing, like wearing your ouwn BBQ to the beach
I found a pic of the pope wearing a mitter that looks like it's made of prosciutto
Is that pork flavored bubblegum???
Personally, I'd be inclined to carve this out and wear itlike a smurf hat
I have a meat skirt to go with my hat.
That link looks like a chunk of my thigh.
Yeah, it really looks like gum. There was a girl in cubical next door to me at the refinery who was making a full sixed anatomically correct pig out of bubble gum and butchered it into chops and such. it was pretty amazing. You woulda liked it peeds
You know, come to think of it, is this guy with the beanie jewish?? Is it a pork beanie??
I gotta see that refinery pig. How could you concentrate next door to such a spectacle?
Mandy, don' get yer knickers all up in a knot, you can patch your thigh up with some Spam paste, et voila!
It's brisket actually. I think he's ok, not going to incure gods wrath...
peeds the gum pig was cool but also DISGUSTING to see it being made. The artisan made a machine for chewing gum because there was so much gum to chew, she had a large tub of spit to mix with gum, apparently water alone doesn't work right.
she was Janine Antonies assistant, I can't remember her name but she showed it in Chelsea somewhere last year.
I think her name was Bubbles
Ah yes, that would make sense. She dates Tom Freidman too, right? I heard he used to chew the gum for her.
yes, and she chewed his meat for him in return.
They were seen having a feast at Pre-Chew Charley's. I saw the pics in Vanity Fair.
Page6 had a snippet about them causing a stir at the Applebee's in downtown Brooklyn, they sent their meals back and asked for them to be regurgitated, the chef freaked
Pre-chew Charlies is the best pd, they got that rib eye special, extra masticated
with a side of reflux...
i want to learn how to blow a meat bubble. still haven't mastered it yet.
thiswill help sloths
It was not Applebees, I think it was Ruby Tuesdays.
Never mind, that link sloths, it's NOT REAL MEAT!!! It's gum that LOOKS like meat!
Ruby Tuesdays web site is hilarious, the chef is TALKING to the food!!! whats he so chatty about?
Pds did you see the pic Ruby Tuesdays chef lecturing a sausage thats loaded in the deli-slicer?
how do I get my links to open to a new page?
yes please with the tech advice. maybe krix or fb could help with that one.
Fb and Krix, I psychically summon you!
OMG!! I can't believe Ruby Tuesdays! Who can hang a name on you?

I couldn't create a funnier site!!! He's givin' the meats a stiff a talkin' to.
I used to slice meats for Ruby T.'s, until the chef insisted on lecturing my machines.
OMG, this one's my fave:
YES! That is the one, Slothy!
He looks like he's lecturing his, um, meat.
Sometimes that is needed for optimum performance.
He is stern with the meat, no tomfoolery in this deli slicer!
He must have nerves of steel, to be able look into the little innocent, trusting eyes of the sausage, just before feeding it to the slicer...
Bla bla bla goes the man
the trusting watery eyes of a sausage really yank my chain
OMG, check out Ed Winkleman's blog today. I love him.
Thanks for the heads up Sloths. that is really great...
truly. and deserved.
Yeah thanks Sloth. What an amazing post.
Speaking of piece of meat, did you hear about the Pete Doherty-inspired drawings at Gasser& Grunert? I saw the listing on the dks list.

Not that anyone here likes Pete Doherty.
Q: would it be possible to fashion a custom wetsuit out of the meats?
is it OK to wear these meats in my tanning bed?
I can just smell that now, Kelli.
I used to watch tennis with my sis when I was young. We were (are) such fans and considering neither of us can actually play and we grew up with very little money--it's always seemed strange.
OOPS!!! Wrong blog! Wanted to post on TEAMSHREDDER. Ugh, it's been a long day at work.

But, playing tennis while wearing a meat hat is a no-no.
pd that was really funny. it's hard to get gravy out of tennis whites.
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