Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Take it from me, operating on yourself only makes things worse. Suffice to say, cyst like growth on face > steak knife. I will be on the DL for now while I recoup from disfiguritization. The wound falls below my left nostril and may at times resemble dry nasal mucus. But it's not. The second I can go out in public I will visit The Contemporary Art Neighborhood.

Agh! Been there, corn-bud. Have you tried a false moustache? It works, take my word for it. Also has the added benefit of making you look insane.
Esp. if it's hitler-style.
Thanks Slothy, you always know just what to do
Oh, Corny, I'm so sorry. I always enjoy a poultice after a disfiguring session with the matches and embroidery needle. Have you tried a warm mash of brie and Paul Mitchell Rub-In Caulk for The Hair? Tint it with a little Gentle Taupe Hoof Chancre Coverup (Corrals & Plus, $14.99) and you've got yourself an unguent that camouflages and nourishes the wound, while sealing it off from deadly flesh-eating bacteria.

I love you baby. You can always call me when in the grip of an OCD moment . . .
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