Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've grown a pair of handsom wings and it's time to jet on outta here. The truth is I'm having miserable separation anxiety about ending ABCN. It was fun gamboling about the ether to find Team Shredder and the Norf*ckneasters, and here's a final salute to Boadweeblog. It's been swell having a daily writing practice, lame though it may be. I'll try to keep that up through my free verse poetry, quatrains and of course poison ink letters to various evil concerns. Right now I am a broken crown of sorrow remembering happier times.

Check out the archives from 2005-2006, ABCN's golden years and here are two good sources of articles and essays to browse through, The Tate Papers and The Directory of Open access Journals.

Perhaps I'll post occasionally in the future
(but dont bother checking back here regularly).

I miss you already.

Really enjoyed it!

Ouch! Part of my daily routine is gone! It's like banishing breakfast, or even taking a toe!

Thanks for the hearty laughs and fun.

-michael b
Sniff, sniff, it really is an end of an era.
Still love you, Corns.
this is gonna be hard to get used to... i'm hoping for at least 2-3 encores from corny.
thanks Mb and A Fan.
krix, dubz, peeds, not to worry, I'll be loitering at your blogs plenty. and there will probably be endless encores to the point where it will be embarrassing and you will all feel sad for me...
oh, my day is sad.

another fan
(i loved your posts)
see ya corny, thanks.

say hi in the real world to dearly departed - and much missed - mountain man, from me.

ps - i never got my frigging bumper sticker.
CORNY, i'm trying to tough it out until my 3rd blog anniversary but i'm really not feeling it. i miss you like crazy. xo kb
It's bad when it starts feeling like a slog. Maybe you should rename it, Boadweeslog. Dude, please send me an installment of music, I'm desperately overdue.

sorry about your sad day anon, When I'm sad, I watch day-time tee-vee and eat a lot and wallow and pick stupid fights with Mrs. Cub so that she is in the same misery I'm in. Then I feel guilty and sheepishly apologize which makes me feel better! voila!

Geez, I'm gonna hafta check into my own Center to recover from this loss. Blogging will be like eating a carrot stick when you want a chocolate bar without you, Corns. Though I am glad to see you have your package all buckled up for the winged journeys ahead.
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Don't leave us! I'm a lurker and rare commenter (girlcott!) who has enjoyed your blog. Where can we go for our dose of zany observations on the wacky world?
OK this is fucked up. I leave town for a week and come home to...the end. I actually have a mist forming in my eye. Oh, have I dreaded this day....
Corny, babe, I love you man. Really it was such a thrill and a pleasure to meet you, and through you, the other Norf*ckingeasters, for that matter, and to have had such a good ride. Whoa. Well, thank you for the good times, and for creating my favorite blog.

Yours truly
Captn, this isn't the end of the ties...just the blog, right?



Bye Bye, ABCN sniff....

crapola, what a sad day
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