Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Have pink pouty lips, and flotation devices, will travel! My summer tan is prime and we're ready to head up to Maine for 2 weeks of RnR. This time we'll have our own house courtesy of Marion Boulton Stroud of the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia. She runs a "camp" for peops in the arts community (except dealers) on Mount Desert Island which happens to be where Mrs. Cub's family is. Also joining us is a Brother of Cub and his wife Julia Pistor and one of their awesome kids [Here's Brother of Cub II with his awesome kid] Enjoy the dog days my friends.

Did anyone hear Soterios Johnson on wnyc talking about a "gustnado" hitting brooklyn this morning? I swear I can't stand that guy, he's a smart-ass and always treating people who call in like shit.

whatevs, I guess the "Gustnado" was an actual tornado after all. What I know is, our basement flooded AGAIN. time to invest in a sub-pump. Or 5 inch heels -those might go better with the flotation devices.
you've got a good life corny girl... miss you. xo kb
Life aint bad at the moment, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm sure I'll get scabies up in Maine or the island will get hit by a hurricane or I'll break both legs falling off a rock, discovering my latent epilepsy is no longer latent.
Count on it.
I miss u 2 KBOTBA
have a great time, corny & mrs. cub! anyone who produced nacho libre would be welcome in my house in maine, that's for sure. sounds like funz. remember that we're getting a 16oz. miller lite when you get back. no backing out now.
Cheers to you and yours, Corny. Your brothers are cute, and gree c might be a good consultant on the pump thing, having dealt with it a lot at her place upstate. Btw, you have a very bubbly personality. Huge.
Caps, I'm lucky to be endowed with a very very big bubbly personalities.

Dubz, I'm torn between Busch light and the Silver Bullet that won't slow me down. we'll have a taste test or something.
hows the studio hunt? did you land somewhere yet?
DUBZ!!!! I just saw on your blog that you got a studio (!) and it's really close to me too, woo-hoo!
I keep seeing peops walking down 3rd ave in flip-flops and bathing suits and wondering where the hell the pool is... Where is it?
This RULZ. Also there is a roof top yoga class in my building at sunset if you swing that way...

CORNY! i just checked and our studios are 7 blocks apart. i totally forgot that you were down there. that RULES.

the pool is on my block.. douglass & 3rd ave
hey, BTW, did you see frank the reviewer's comment on that post about the gay city review? he kind of freaked out.
ZOWIE!! Corns, what you been taking? Your personalities have bubbled 100 times over since I last felt, oops, I mean saw them. And that little gotee is the look. An inverted happy face with a hint of surprise.
I just stopped in the fabric workshop shop last week and saw your wallpaper in a book that they had. Funny stuff. I was gonna buy some but it was a 50 yard minimum. That would be way too much for my studio apartment.
Your bro is real cute. He almost looks like a paisano.
Have fun in Maine. Wish I could go. Hi to Mrs. and the wee one.
Saterious (sp? whatever) has nerve...with that name!
peeds,I'll give you a slice of the wall paper if I ever get the roll back from a show it was in back in March.

Lets hang when we get back, a bbq might be in order.

Dubz, I'm going right now to see freaky franks comments...
Frank is clearer and more to the point in the comment he left on your blog then the original review/article.

He seems like a good guy, at least he didn't get defensive.

[note to anyone who is wondering what we're talking about, See link in side bar for Dubz's blog
"....NewWork+++" and the post from 7/26 called GAY CITY.]
also, I'm sympatico to shitty spellers.
Thanks for the shout-out, Corn/sis. And thanks to those who say I be cuuuuute....
you know, this post has the most harmonious color scheme! it's such a joy to look at.
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I hope you have fun!
And while you're at it, if you feel like it, tell Mrs. Pistor you have a reader who is trying to produce an awesome female hockey comedy! (I know, it might sound weird, but its script won awards...)
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