Saturday, July 14, 2007

We interupt the Countdown to Oblivion to bring you this video with extreme cutes -it brings to mind this mental pabulum: Once a month I drive Foghorn up to the Bronx to 33rd and Bird for a grooming; could he fly forward inside the car without ever hitting the front windshield if I was driving the same speed he was flying?

Don't hovering flies still hover and not splatter on the rear windshield inside a moving car?
I think Foghorn might mangle his coiffed feathers if you were to attempt such an experiment. I would advise against it.
OMG That was crazy, I can't believe it stayed on like that, That happened to me one morning.. A Praying Mantis, on the freeway, I was carpooling with this lady, that s.o.b. stayed on my windshield until 4p.m. in the parking garage while I was in work, he rode his goofy ass all the way home with me going 75 mph-I even tried to start my windshield whipers on him but they just flew over his back.. he didn't budge..When I got home I got a stick and flung him off.. crazy crazy stuff
Praying manti basking in the sunshine at 70mph on your windshield is extremely good luck! If that ever happens to you again, or to anyone who should read this, it's in your interest not to fling lucky bug which symbolizes luck and other stuff off with stick.
How come I've never seen this video before?! This is an instant classic!

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