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1. The Decadent Traveller, The Decadent Gardener and The Decadent Cookbook, By Durian gray and Madlar Lucan. Durian and Madlar have dedicated their lives to decadence and write about the lifestyle with humor and aplomb -thats right, aplomb. I was never interested in cooking before I was introduced to the bizarre manner in which they violate of the laws of food.
For those who scorn not only the Prohibitions of Leviticus but also the dictates of common sense, good health and kindness to animals." -John Ryle in The Guardian
The chapter headings say it all: Corruption and Decay;Blood, the Vital Ingredient; The Gastronomic Mausoleum; and I can Recommend the Poodle. This is not a normal cookbook but a slightly sinister and highly literate feast of decadent writing on food. -The Sunday Times

2. Phillip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials
. Dear gentle reader please don't oblige me pull out your eyes and make you to read this book by force, just do it. READ IT BEFORE THE MOVIE (STARRING NICOLE KIDMAN) COMES OUT IN DECEMBER! This is ace Sci-fi/fantasy literature recommended to me by Mrs. Cub. The story takes place across the multiverse, quantum physics and philosophic ideas and allegory are woven through-out. The trilogy was featured last summer on NPR's All Things Considered, check out the review here. The movie will, no doubt, be spectacular, but it can never capture the profound depth of the relationships and the scope of the story in the books. One of the books features the most heartbreaking scene I've ever read. It wrecked me, left me crying. I've never cried over a book before. I read His Dark Material over a year ago, and still resonates with me. Here is a list of awards His Dark Materials have won.

Winner of the Carnegie Medal (England)
Winner of the Guardian Fiction Prize (England)

An ALA Notable Book

An ALA Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults

A Horn Book Fanfare Honor Book

A Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books Blue Ribbon book

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year

A Booklist Editors’ Choice – “Top of the List”

A Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection
A Children’s ABBY Honor Book

he Patrick Melrose trilogy by Edward St Aubyn, Never Mind, Bad News, Some Hope, published collectively in the UK as Some Hope: A Trilogy. Recommended by Seamonkee, AKA Laure Weeks, who doesn't often suggest books, but when she does, I obey. The protagonist, Partick is an arrogant and consummate snob, he turns his razor sharp wit on the vapid aristocracy he runs with. The books reflects St. Aubyns life, he was "born well" but raped by his father and became a heroin addict at a young age. Bad News opens in the Pierre Hotel, Patrick is out of his mind on heroin. It's down hill from here. The books are hilarious and moving.

"St. Aubyn's vaguely satanic British upper-class life is an unlikely blend of Henry James and Bret Easton Ellis." Kirkus Reviews

This is the fun kind of homework. I'm on it.
Hi Cappy.
Seamonkee also went nutz over the about the Pullman books. Your blog has been smoke'n, I love the vintage amputee pinup girls
corny, i just ordered all three books!! Ha. I am so so super psyched to read the pullman books. right up me alley. actually all are... thanksman!
FB I was thinking you'd really dig the Pullman. What are you reading. I never have time to read but if I did...
I need a juicy summer read.
I will get Philip Pullman..
i am reading "The Emporer's Children" by Clair Messud. It got such amazing press and I am enjoying it but - it's not so so great. Have you read cormac mccarthy's "the road" yet? I also ordered the new Harry Potter. I had to.
I read the "The Emporer's Children", agreed, not so great but I was sucked in. cormac mccarthy, good idea. I read Jamestown by Mathew Sharp recently, He's funny.
I also recommend The Road. A devastating book. So simple, so sad. So go get it for fun happy time summer reading!
Just found your blog by googling 'Splatter, shit, blog, nowhere' to see if it will find mine. It is also a blog called 'NoWHere', fortunately/unfortunately for you it's mostly German. Greetings from Germany.
Hi NoWhere!
I am so proud of ABCN for responding to 'Splatter, shit, blog, nowhere'.

I will visit you now because I have a feeling we are bloggy-soul mates.
NoWhere, The first thing I see on your blog is a link to a picture of a sticker that says "40 is the new 20".
Thats what I'm talking about.
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