Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dangerous Made-In-China Products: 2007 Timeline


A wagish young dear tick has penetrated my delicate vale of alabaster and introduced poison into my blood!

Consequently, I am two small men about to be crushed by a truck

I am a broken highway.

I am severed limbs. It doesn't matter if you don't believe me.

I am a Doo Tone record lable

I am Stony Pit disease, worse even.

I am Albert Einstein, the robot, bowing down to his German creators

I got fricken Lyme Disease. I got the bite a couple of weeks ago upstate. It was a couple of days before I found the tick. I forgot about it but on retrospect, I was feeling old, like I couldn't open bottles, my joints were achy and had a strange urge to shuffle. then up in Maine over the weekend the symptoms staged a sit in -make that a violent coup. It got ugly but we're on the mend now.


Sir, I am so sorry you are two men being crushed by a giant, tick-shaped truck, among other beautiful things mentioned in yr beautiful post. That is cereal business, no joke. But I am certain you will prevail and not have to shuffle off to Buffalo.
shit corny. i hope you are ok. did they catch it in time that you'll make a 100% recovery i hope?
better, my mother in law said she's gotten it 3 times. i dont think its a problem if you get it treated early.
If i need to use a cane, I'll work that look hard.
Sorry, that was supposed to read: I'm feeling much .....
Corns, I hope you will recovery entirely. I have a fear of the Lyme. But I also have a fear of becoming a robot--because I am close, real close.
You need any help, like someone to hold that brush for you while you paint...
UGH corny. lyme's disease? that sucks! i hope you will make a speedy recovery and not have to use the canes. the cane can be jsut for show, not for realz.

the chinese list is crazy. what's up with all the lead jewelry for kids?
apparently the take old electronics and reuse the material to make that shit and there's lead in it. There is an article somewhere today about it, maybe the times.
well, how about the cardboard in the pork buns?? Did you read about that? Wet cardboard used in pork buns to make em cheaper. yum
cardboard in the porkbuns, great. No doubt there's formaldehyde in the cardboard.
yea for Sara Peters review in the New York Times!!!! It's a super show of drawings at Winkelman gallery if you haven't seen it...
There was no mention of the deadly cough syrup that contained anti freeze that ended up in Panama killing hundreds...(in the chinese deadly list, not Miss Peters' review of course)

I'm not sure executing the head of the chinese FDA will do much...
Perhaps they manufactured the lyme diseased tick that bit you!
Interesting theory about the Tick. I like it. Yes, I noticed that was missing too. Thats the big one.
It's crazy he got executed, and so quickly. It seemed like only a week passed between when he was exposed and the execution. Wonder if they bothered with a trial. Anyhow, death seems like a good deterent for accepting bribes. I wish products had "Make in" lables like they used to. But I gusee back in the day a lot of porducts we consumed were made here.
scary that most of the products on that list are for kids.
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