Sunday, June 24, 2007

stands for the extra number of hours a day I will eat, paint and hang out doing stuff on the new "wakefulness drug" that got FDA approval last Monday. Take it and you don't get fatigued, even after days without sleep. No side affects -and it improves your memory to boot. Thats 3400 bonus hours of awake time a year, or 136,000 more hours if I live another 40 years. Thats an extra 15 years of livin'! Dont tell me it's too late to pick up the Rumiphon or the Symphonium or the Fluba! Read more about the pill that will change my life for the longer here at this blog. Here's a helpful chat board guide to getting it cheap on the web and how it mixes with your favorite party drug.

I wonder if you can mix it with alcohol.
Corny, this countdown is making me extremely nervous. Do these pills help with anxiety, and can they be taken while on the Master Cleanse?
You're doing the master cleanse? Wows, hats off Capt'n! I'm inspired. I've been living off hamburgers for a week now and I can barely walk I feel so gross. I am turning into a cow. Wait, I HAVE turned into a COW! I MUST FOLLOW YOUR EXAMPLE AND DO THE MASTER CLEANSE.

Do you ever get obsessed with one kind of food to the exclusion of all others? I ate Tuna fish sandwiches for lunch everyday for 5 years when I used to work from home.
Capt'n I don't think this is the pill you are looking for. I'm sorry about the countdown. But it's better then simply abandoning ship, for Clarity's sake. And we know how Clarity can get, she can be sooo obvious.
a cappella, some young scientist on the chat board I linked to, explains that you can't get drunk when you're on it -though that seems like a dare, don't it?
Thinking of you, Corny.
Modafinil FOREVER! Now you will have more time to blog, Corns!!!
Hi. I am a happy Modafinil user and I am amzed at my productivity! I have gotten thirteen degrees in everything from neurosurgery to taxidermy and I am still going--with my third law degree forthcoming. The only caveat to this drug is that you shouldn't take it with Viagra because I can't tell you how long I've been shtupping my wife! It never ends--no sleep for the un-weary.
Mr. Modafinil,

Will you be performing in the Catskills any time soon?
Yes, right after the pocconos!
does the master cleanse have something to do with impacted fecal matter? i saw an infomercial about that, with pictures.

i am worried about it.
Check this Innervision out:

There is something about this new pill and this house that points toward infinitum.
corny, your countdown is freaking me out. i may have to quit in sympathy. granmaster b
a cappella that house is the shit, or the magic outlet it comes out of. Nice.
Grandmaster b... we can burn out together, a tumultuous ball of blogs, slowly dimming in the twilight
I think I am just gonna press "delete" on mine. I am in the mood to "delete" things.
Wait, thats old hat for you! I say you invent a virus to bring all the blogs down at once! It'll ba a mass blogicide, we'll wear Black Nikes.
a day without a blog called nowhere is like a day without sunshine. digest that shit, my fine jewess fox. gbotbaakatafkakb
digested and regurgitated my shit hot
southern fried craw-daddy. Hows that 6 pack of yours? Hard as nails or diamonds?
Let's make a "DAY WITHOUT BLOGS" t-shirt.
i like it. Lets also make "China is trying to kill me" tee shirts.

More stories of tainted products being produced in small factories in China, why is there no regulation? The Chinese government is so good at regulating media they should try some consumer safty regulations. Question: How do you find out where what you're buying comes from? I want to start a one woman boycott of China.
NPR is making me want to slit my wrists. The world really sucks. When are the robots going to take over?
a one-woman boycott is a girlcott.
I love a Girlcott, thats divine! sorry. But I will discuss Girlcott with Uncle A.L. tonight who is joining us for a naked dinner. Thanks Annon.
Shit, I wore my "China is trying to kill me" t-shirt today and nobody in my cubicle got it. Not even Wei. Just as well. I'm sure Uncle A.L. and everyone from the camp can appreciate it it. I also have one called "Dance Your ass off" which is kinda related but not really.
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