Sunday, June 10, 2007

Amazingly I didn't get kicked out of France for having a french accent that causes escargot to shrivel up in pain.

Seamonkee and heir Tyson were there as well as Leo, Torbin Geiler, and my amazing in laws, Roxanna and Danny Geffen, and of course George and Mrs. Cub, who I picked up at the airport the morning before the opening. Seeing them walk through the arrivals gate was one of the happiest moments dans ma vie.

We spent time at the Musée du Quai Branly, an astounding collection of indigenous art, and a highlight of the trip. The museum is designed by Jean Nouvel, the same guy who did the Cartier Foundation
and is the namesake of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Apparently Brad is a fan of his work. Ok? Get over it.
We liked the building from the outside, hidden behind a wild garden of tall grasses and thick climbing vines that cover some of the walls of the building, but inside was a strange dark maze of leather walls, you feel like you are entering the heart of darkness, We thought the jungle metaphor was overdone, condescending really. However the objects glow in the darkness and beauty is stressed over back story. Most amazing to me were elaborately decorated skulls from Papua New Guinea. The head was thought to be the container of the soul, so skulls of ancestors were preserved, cleaned, then overmodelled and painted in the image of the deceased, sometimes decorated with beads and stuff, they reminded us of Damien Hirsts newest bit of soul searching art, except with a disturbing beauty and depth that arises out of the awe of the mystery of death unlike Hirst's decidedly choadish attitude "Death is such a heavy subject, it would be good to make something that laughed in the face of it.” Right.

We spent a day wandering through the ancient Eqyptian collection at the Louvre, it was a friggen parade of famous masterpieces that really blew us apart. We did this with Seamonkee and Tyson, fun as it is to look at art with them -Tyson having recieved a real education in Britian, actually knows her history and is a trove of insight, Seamonkee is in a perpetual state of wonder that is completely infectious, Seamonkee immediatly got caught up by some ancient Egyptian knick-knack for 20 minutes and I'm like, this is the LOUVRE man, there's like a jillion ancient egyptian knick-knacks! George was getting antsy being strapped into the stroller which becomes a rolling babytorcherchair after a few hours, so we parted ways, only to hook up with our compadries a day later for drinks in Mountmartre, followed by more drinks in the swanky 8th Arrondissement and a dinner of beef tartar on bun, meant to be a hamburger.

What else? We shopped for clothing for George, we visited the Eiffel tower, the Tuileries, the Luxenbourg gardens, but most magical and a must see next time you visit paris is the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in the 19 Arrondissement. Built in the 19th century, mountains of garbage were transformed into surreal English-style gardens, featuring a large rocky cliff with a suspension foot bridge 100 feet high just begging people to jump off it, a waterfall, a grotto, and a Roman-style temple to top it all off. Torbin and I learnt that Leo has a serious fear of hights, The big guy's legs buckled under him as we walked out on to the high bridge, he made it across but was practically crawling back. Sad, yet kinda funny.

Another interesting stop was to the Deyrolle, a strange shop on the rue du Bac that sells taxadermy 'n stuff. Downstairs is a quaint garden shop -I bought a yellow canvas hat, très provencial chic, upstairs they've got animals and bird stuffed and for sale. Taking taxadermy to the edge of acceptability, they had stuffed chicks, baby bunnies and a little black lamb which was REALLY pushing it. Generally shopping was good but expensive with the dollar in it's weakened state. I bought music boxes for George including this sweet little tune from the magic flute and other french songs which are familiar to me from probabley from listening to this album when I was a wee bit, which by the way is great if you have a little kid, download it for free here. I also like the German album, theres a demented song about a lady who marries a mouse.

This wasn't much of a food trip since eating dinner at 9pm
every night with a baby in tow was tricky, but lunches at the museum were lavish 2 hour long wine drenched affairs with cigarette breaks every half hour, for this and crepes complet, we thank the French.

Check out some pics from Paris, some of them come courtesy of Tyson and Seamonkee.

This was a longer post because I'm going to end the blog soon and I'm already feeling nostolgic. A large and complex countdown-to-the-end will begin next week.

blogger is being an Au bon Pain is my ass about fonts on this post, sorry if it's hard to read.
Hi everyone!
Hi!!! How amazing. And George, she is so big now. Even compared to the Tower.
Hey Peeds! the Sopranos was fucked up. We were floored by the ending and same reaction you had, didn't know if it was cheep or brilliant. I'm thinking brilliant. They know how to build tention on that show like no ones business. We thought the way Dr. Melfi dumped tony wasn't believable but otherwise amazing ending. We're bummed it's over.

Vic tells me you met Roxanna, thats cool.
Yeah, David Chase is so brilliant it is annoying! God, I almost had a heart attack.
Yeah, I met Roxanna. at a party where I also met Judy Blume. Jeez, that was pretty exciting, I must say.
I hope Vic didn't mind that I told R. about our time in prison. It seemed like a good conversation topic at the time.
I just looked at those amazing pics!! And wow, George, wow.
bonjour corny.. bienvenue aux etats unis! sounds like a great time, looks like the weather was fine too. george is so darn cute... OMD (oh mon dieu). i love seamonkee's art highlight phots and the b/w one of the bird sur la table. but what's this about the blog ending?
This comment has been removed by the author.
For the ending of ABCN, pull a David Chase and go black one day....
that black out really stung
That woud be crule.

Hey Dbz, congrats on leaving the donut factory! Thats HUGE! There is going to be a quantum leap in your quality of life. Yea!

Yes. George is Sickly cute. She upped the anti on this trip by licking her toes whenever possible.
quality of life is nice. can i get that for 70 bucks cuz that's what i have in my checking account. but for no more donuts it's worth it!! last day of bondage is thursday.

george is insanely cute. insane-ly.
Big deal, Corny, I've been licking my toes forever!
Hi Dubz. THURSDAY!!!
Sorry to hear about your bank account hitting bottom. I have a get rich quick scheme I've been practicing around the house. It involves Vaseline, scissors, tape and recycled toilet paper tubes. I'll sell it to you for 70 bucks.

Yeah, its FUCKED UP how cute she is.
oh and Peeds... I can't believe you are competing with a baby. Man, what happened to you while I was gone?
Look, she's much cuter than I am, I'll give her that...but in the matter of dexterity, I'm not so sure.
(I could never compete with George!!)
I am trying to lern how to use this Mac I just bought. I am having trouble UGH!
Learn. Learn.
i bet george knows how to use a mac. he he....
Georgie is so cute she makes my eyes burn. i'm glad you took a picture of her in front of the eifel tower because now you can tell how big the eifel tower is Also how small Georgie is.
I concur with the mad cutes of George, cannot comment on the Sopranos b/c I am waiting to watch it tomorrow night when my lady friend comes home (amazing self-control, I know,) am very glad to have you back, Corny, and have not clicked on any of your links in this post yet, not even the pics, because I am dealing with the emotions of the idea of ABCN "ending" (I don't even like to say it.)
But it's cool.
Eva b! I love the idea of a 7 yr old logging on to ABCN only to have your eyes burnt and still love it!

We want our "high quality baby" -as MM calls her, to get an intellectual edge, so we've enrolled her in a "computer gym" class. It's totally increased her confidence in data input and managing files.
Dexterity is an issue, but FYI peeds, robotic hands.
Capt'n, you will enjoy certain provocitive pics of our droog.
I miss that "high quality baby" of yours. When is she available to give me Mac lessons?
come over any time, Peeds. Shes wearing her first pair of sneakers today, checkered vans and I think she must think her feet are magical cause they're always changing color.
corny, i though i sensed a tremor in the force field.
i've been thinking about closing down a blog called boadwee also. was thinking of chugging along until the 3rd anniversary but that seems an eternity. also, i don't know if i can go on without the spiney underskeletan of "a blog called nowhere" for support. i miss you like crazy. xo kb
I want those checkered vans! Mine do not change colors.
There's an artical in the science times today about cloaking devices, I'm holding out for invisable vans!
whoa. george is crazy crazy beautiful!!! paris too. sounds like an excellent time.
thanks fb, we think shes pretty beautiful too, we want to exploit her for money. I'm thinking we could put her in a box in Times Square and charge 25¢ a look.
George Michael is considering a £50 million offer for Damien Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull.
Just surfed in from a link at Art Krush. It's fab to find a blog as good as yours. Well done!
thanks art life, my blog likes your blog. The Tracey Moffatt rental is a tastey scoop.
The vinyl record series I think saved me ... thanks so much for that. I was recently delivered of a baby, a couple weeks after Mrs Cub and I can't say I am fond of children's music but what I downloaded I am loving.... beats Rafi, that's for sure.

I am catatonic since you announced the end of the blog, having been a lurker/ occasional poster for some time now. Must it be? Don't know how I'll take the edge off now of those mounds of dirty diapers and sore nipples, sleepless nights ....... :-(
wow, anon, so cool that you have been lurking here. Part of the reason I dont want to do this blog anymore is that it's become too public. I enjoyed sharing my life with my friends and anonymous strangers like yourself in the beginning. Now a bunch of art blogs have links to ABCN and there are people who know who I am (in the art world, especially in New York) and I'm afraid mistake my joy de vie for for self-promotion. Thats one reason, there are more, like having a baby. Also, I'm getting bored with the internet, I feel like I've visited every nook and crany.
I'm glad you've been lurking though. I might have to post once in a blue moon to keep Blogger from erasing my blog if it's inactive for too long.
I totally understand your reasons and often wondered how you managed, juggling the private/public cunundrum as well as you have. Truth be told and I hope its a consolation more than not, that we were friends in ny way back when before I dropped off the face of the planet some years back. That I remain 'anon' is because I am cyber shy.
Pity though about the links to ABCN and the misunderstanding they have generated. I hope you don't take them to heart, I suspect it is just stupid, jealous criticism, I mean, who could maintain such a good blog but you?! I wish I could put all this more eloquently but I have old mc donald playing in the background (thanks to you) and the eieio is messing with my verbal faculties :-)
Thanks for the kind words Anon, thats very sweet. Wow, so we were pals back in the day...I'm curious to know who you are. Drop me a line if you feel inclined.
god forbid an artist promotes herself.

but, you do seem like you have way too much going on to be able to maintain a blog. if i had a kid, or even a dog, it would probably be OVER, real quick.
My Dearest Corny,

I would like to throw my ratty straw (for summer!) fedora in the ring and say that I too am sad that ABCN will soon be shutting down.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and think you are one cool and truly smart (ass) individual.

Thank you for giving us a peek in to your world. May our cyber paths cross again in the future.

Your cyber friend...

Je suis STUNNED. Stunned. Hi Corny. Am speechless. Worlds within worlds of emotion.
sacre bleu! jesus george! that kid is a doll!

also sad to hear about ABCN.
Shalom Nicole
S V P your email address pour surprise
I am a NSCAD grad who was talking to a painter friend (woman) who is working on edgy urban landscapes. Last night we got together and I asked if she had seen Medrie McPhee's work. Where can we contact Medrie and/or find her catalogues of her urban paintings ?
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