Thursday, June 28, 2007

Look at this Neo Rauch. He has replaced his usual aimless zombie people with clowns, and to great effect. I've always said to myself, "Corny, that guy is good, but he needs to LIGHTEN UP, afterall, this isn't 1982, the wall is down, bro, get yourself some cheesey fries and relax!

After I do some good hard thinking about Neo Rauch and how times have changed, I like to sit back and enjoy a cold one in the back yard. The thing is, now the sun is in the front of the house in the evenings. Blimey! So I found an old bench upstate and a cement donkey planter, et voila! an urban oasis -forged out of the barren cement wasteland that was the front yard of The Mounds!

But there's a problem.... I might be scared to go outside. There is a lady, Teressa, the big Italian lady-boss of Powers Street. She's an oldish woman who sports housecoats and strechy pants, grew up on Powers Street and is the center of the Powers Street social scene. Her kids all live in different houses on our block, they're always gathering outside her place, I suppose it's nice for them. I began saying hello to Teressa a couple of months ago when I'd take George out for early morning walks. Teressa would bless her when I walked by. Soon we started to chat and then she invited me into her little front yard area to sit. I didn't want to be rude, but I also didn't want to sit in her area. I like the idea of being friends with the neighbors, but if we started talking, I would have to reveal that I was raising George with another woman and I could envision her old school Italian Catholic disgust. As I knew she would, she asked about George's birth and I explained that I was adopting her. It was awkward, though she said that George was still a blessing, (Thanks). I've complicated matters by not mentioning the fact I'm adopting her with Mrs. Cub, who gave birth to her. So lately I've been avoiding Teressa. I head out in the opposite direction for our morning walk, going three blocks out of my way for a cup of Gimme Coffee. I know I need to tell Teressa and let her judge me as she will....Maybe it won't be so bad, George is cute and always smiles at her, after all, she's is a blessing for fucks sake.

Oh corny. I can relate about dealing with the neighbors - you want to be friendly but not too involved either. UGH. You know, maybe she won't be a poop head about the two moms thing. It's hard to tell. I guess it will be revealed at some point in the end.

I wish Neo Rauch would embrace the clowns too. He totally needs to lighten up. However, I tend to think that many artists need to lighten up. I like-a the easy-breezy.
Now here's the Neo I can really get behind...while riding my unicycle and wearing my bright orange fro. He's got painting chops and clown fops down.

As for Mother Theresa, I think you should tell her that george is the product of an Immaculate Conception and not Ejaculate Conception--this will change EVERYTHING. You will have lilies at your stoop each morning and you can tell her that as a blessed, miracle baby, george cannot be disturbed. And while she's at it, Theresa can leave you and the Mrs. a lasagna for raising the blessed holy baby.
OMG leave it to the recovered Catholic to come up with the right answer on this holiest of issues. 'Cause I was just gonna say, hit her in the face with a pie, or at least seltzer, while screaming, "LIGHTEN UP!" But the way of the Peeds will get you much further in Powers diplomacy.
Peeds is spot on!
thanks peeds I have much to say but am up to my elbows in paint... Hey peeds are you comming to the show that Fb and I are in opening tonight? please come!!!
a guy on coast to coast is saying Autistic children are decendants of dolfins, science will back that up.

***Opening tonight****
Smith Stewart Gallery
53 stanton st.
Hrafnhildur Arnardottir
assume vivid astro focus
Dana Carlson
Meredith Danluck
Jen DeNike
Nicole Eisenman
Amy Gartrell
Jim Krewson
Marlene McCarty
Ryan McGinley
Michele O’Marah
J Penry
Rob Pruitt
Jaimie Warren
I am there Corns. Been planning on it and looking forward to it. Must see the fb and cc relics.
Capt'n, it's all about using the pain of the past for the greater good. You know what I mean?
i am a descendant of unicorns and vulcans.

i need booze. booze. please. help.
Fb, your painting looked really great in the show.
thanks corns! I liked your painting too! It was funny and daring. There were some good things in there last night all around i think but i couldn't concentrate very much. was being a spaz in my mind.
Daring. Thank you, you are very polite. I was actually glad no one seemed to be paying attention to the work.
Corny, i'm gonna punch you.
Do your worst my friend. If you can aim for he eyes then I wont have to look at you.

just kidding, you're always a sight for sore eyes, or punched out eyes.
That work punched me between the eyes Corn. Nice job.
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