Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Revolution is cuming! Hi. What do Maurice Chevalier, Marcel Marceau and Corny C. all have in common? A love of French Clichés! Hopefully we'll encounter all of them on our trip to Paris. I'm off today to set up a show at Le Pleateau, Frac ile-de-france. The Mrs and George will be coming later in the week. I'll be checking in, of course, from the city of love all week. Au revoir, mes amis!

i'm happy to meet you in paris !!! (with madame and la petite georges);

i think you have seen my exhibition, in envoy, with franklin preston.

ciao, et à trés bientôt !
ooh la la cornichon! bon bons fluer amis, nez pa.
Have fun!
fact: many people walk around in the morning carrying bagettes.
Hi Beatrice,
I liked your show.
so here I am, sitting in a cave like office in the back of the gallery where Im installing. Theres not much for me to do at the moment but i can leqve either because every 15 minutes or so the call me in to give an opinion on whether or not a painting should be lowered 2cm. I have not seen a lot of Paris yet but the area where im staying in the 9th district is very pretty, the hotel is next to a canal, I had a lovely walk last night, the apartment buildings are old and picturesque. I wish I had more to tell. The gallery is funky and the curator is hanging the show Salvation Army style; grouping paintings together according to themes, which i think is silly but she is determined to be as reductive as possible...
hi corny! i wonder if our planes passed in the day yesterday across the atlantic? congrats on the paris show. that is super duper cool!

how's the jet lag treating you? is it helping with the 2cm hanging decisions?
fb? how hot is it this transnational blogging? is the keyboqrds in spqin fucked up like they qre here in frqnce with the ¨q¨s where the ¨a¨s should be?

yeah, what is up with the transnational keyboards?! have fun with the sights. i'm back in the usa now sadly.
bonjour corny! comment ca va? ou est la toilet?
Bon jour again, le Corn! I'm hailing you and yet another show in Yurrip.
Q: are the baguettes ever in a basket on a bike?
...driven by someone wearing a beret and silk scarf?

je suis enchanté, Maïs.
No not a love of cliches just bad taste.
Bonjour corneee, comment ça va?
congratulations on zeee show.
wow, i hadn't checked your blog in a while, and now there's a baby... pretty freakin' freaky.
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