Friday, May 18, 2007

Paintings from the upstate institutional.
4 paintings of Nicolas the model
1 paintingof a volcano in a storm
1 paintingof a path through the woods in a field
1 painting of tinfoil on a clothes line.

SO excellent!
yes the path through the trees in a field is pretty great right?
The piece of aluminum foil hanging on the clothesline is pretty special.
I think so. I'm loath to teach students the rules of painting cause the shit they come up with, not knowing the rulz is pretty amazing.
Whatever you're teaching them, dude, is working really well. This stuff is great.
I am loving the path...I wanna walk it.
I love these paintings so much I could go on for days
Hi Gree. I feel the same.
there are rules for painting?
Well, you know, the stuff you might teach a beginner like perspective, don't mix white into every single color, try not to use paint straight from the tube all the time, especially since you only came to class with three primary colors and a
plastic brush with plastic bristles that are so stiff you might as well paint with a stick, or a cigarette butt. The thing is, they WANT to learn the rules, the want to know what to do and how to make a good looking painting. I usually meet them half way so as to not totally murder the small buds of creativity that haven't alreaty been snuffed out by
12 years of schooling.
Dubz I mmeant to take pics of some of the older inmates paintings... youv'e had some serious influence at bard!
no way! for reals?

i was kidding about the rules. i believe in them, i really do. it just takes fricken forever to get them out of your mind again. i wonder if sally herschberger was following the rules when she reinvented the shag? probably. hello corny, let's go to karaoke.
Yeah S.H. was following the rule of its all been done before and "plagiarism" magically morphs into "influence" if you've got a really hot agent.
Once I had a class of mature inmates drawing the subject who was wearing a fuzzy sweater. Among the elders was one youngster who didn't know the rules. The youngster was the only one who spent time trying to depict each fuzz. It was the best one. The others just blocked it in. Something to be said about learning and not learning or at least paying attention to the small things that are great.
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