Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paint went out of my studio window and landed on the roof of a black Escalade that belongs to Joey Butafucco. I got into some troubs today and have to pay this guy to get his car rewaxed.

In other news, have you been watching SHEER GENIUS on Bravo? Only the best tee-vee show about hairdressing ever. Sally Hershberger, I say yes. One might think she'd be a bitch but she's a pussycat. We love that shes a big old dyke who rolled into town demanding 600.00$ a cut, declairing herself top dog in a industry ruled by fags, where lesbians are the bottom of the food chain, that took balls. The highlight of every episode is when the guest celebrity hair stylist is introduced and all the contestants freak out and you're like hu, thats a celebrity?

ah, another escalade ruined by a concerned environmentalist - good job corny.

i love sheer genius. sally h. is so cool. i like when they pan around the back of their chairs and you see her cute butt. she is fine.
The paint "attack" happened on Sunday, yet the Escalade was parked under my window again today, just begging for another hate crime to happen.

I love that you love Sheer Genius.
This is Ridykelouse, but I used to literally dream about having Jaclyn Smith's hair.
You and Jacklyn Smith's hair is a whole nother issue that I don't think I have the courage to deal with right now, babe, even though on the other hand it's tormentingly hott.
Anyway, thanks for the tip, I will report to BRAVO immediately. Just when I needed a new show, along comes ABCN, again.
I still think we should all go back to bowl cuts. You know, cut the middle man out. Bowl cuts and red track suits.
I was usin' hedge trimmers on the man pubes WAY back in the day...(hence the shortcummin's ..) I'M HERE ALL WEEK!)

Tabitha is HARDCORE!
tabitha is the coolest, scariest, smartest, most intense haircutress in the history of the world. i just wish that vacant dumbass #39 hadn't won america's next top retard. listening to her is like watching a literacy commercial on the wrong speed.
Oh barnaby, short cummings? wow. Your in trouble for that.

Tabitha is the spice but she's also a jack-ass. I mean, what gives with the Hellraiser costumes? are floor length coats meant to psych out the opponents? I think she missed the mark completely on the mohawk. They were obviously looking for something new wave since they asked for "80's punk" hair-wise thats new wave, also the judge was from Allure magazine, fashion for lame-asses... she shoulda known that wasn't going to fly.
I like that girl with the curly hair and glasses, also I'm glad the lesbot is hanging in there.
I'm too into this.
Wow, the paint attack on the car. How did he know it was your paint? Did he yell? Yikes. That is a very bizarre incident.

How does one volunteer to get their hair cut on that tv show?
He knew it was me cause he parks his car under my window all the time and there is the same color paint (salmon pink) on my window screen. He yelled at my landlord who passed along the good news to me... and a bill for cleaning the car. It could of been a lot worse I guess. My landlord described him as Joey Butafucco.

YOU SHOULD VOLENTEER FB! go to the Sheer Genius website, they'de take you in a second.
corny, next time try and get Tony Soprano's car--okay? none of this two-bit mobster guy stuff. go for the big one.
i can't watch that hair show. i had enough, especially after i watched the whole season of top design with jonathan adler whining: "see you later decorator!"
Tony must die. Suffocate him under salmon pink paint, please.
I was surprised when he killed Christopher but way more shocked and upset when they killed Adrianna, even though we saw that one coming.
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