Friday, May 11, 2007

For Mrs. Cub on her birthday, an ode to mothers and daughters.

Hatty Buuuday Victoria!(Spoken as Linda Purl's character in that movie w/Shaun Cassidy in the 70's where they played handicappers..."Like Normal People") Love - the Beans & Boadwee
Happy Birthday cutie Mrs. Cub. Where are you so I can spank you.
Kennybeans! hi! Were coming out your way for a visit in July.

MM How come I didn't get spanked for my birthday, just cooly ignored? You can be a right bastard. Also is that a piece of poo in your beard?
Corny I have been storing your poo in my beard, just waiting for you to ask for it back. Do you want it back? It's crispy.

Listen about that dis on your birthday it's just that I thought you were someone else.
Cute cute. Happy your baby mama day squared, or to the 2nd power, who knows.
Capt'n, as someone who can sometimes beat the contestants on Are You Smarter Then a 5th Grader?, I think you mean to the second power squared.

The mrs. is getting a trip to Gay Parie for her birthday and she got a bird whistle from Foghorn.

MM. I cant wait to see you so I can put you in the head-lock to end all head-locks. I guess it's ok you're not coming to Paris, the french hate poo stained beards.
Yo Corn, nice touches with the Parie and the poo in people's beards, very nuanced.

Hi Mrs. Cub!! Happy Belated b-day! I shoulda pegged you for a taurus--GREAT SIGN for a lovely lady.
I hope George got you somethin nice!
The only thing she's really good at making we can't seem to fid much of a use for.
Hmmm, maybe in the garden?
yes, George should consider using a mini-compost toilet.
Is the botton pitcher Lady Cub as a cubette? it reminds me of The Parent Trap for some weird reason.
the cubette is so cute!! look at that bow, those bangs!!!
wait hold on a second!!!! thats NOT MRS. CUB! geez.
i'm a tard.
that's me in the tub....

the mrs.
and, peeds, thanks for the bithday wishes.

mrs cub
Hi Babe! I'm glad you dont mind that I posted the pic of you in the tub, some people would feel weird to be exposed like on the internet.

PS. please stop sending me corny emails about motherhood. Thats NOT OK.
I'm in trouble today for spilling paint out my studio window. Apparently some got on a car, the landlord has informed me in a hostile message.

may be looking for new studio shortly.
Mrs. Cub, is that what you look like without make-up? Still gorgeous (after a few oxy and Jack cocktails.)
Corns, are you shooting paintballs again?
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