Sunday, May 06, 2007


This is called Made in Taiwan because it's covered with dozens of little stickers that say that.

What else is this made of?? I love the snoopy head. Are they selling those stickers at Pearl Paint now? Or did you fly to Taiwan this weekend for a drawing convention?
oh shucks, I'm pees again.
Pees! This is mostly made of gesso ink and charcoal and it's about 50x50 inchesish.

As it happens I bought the entire drawing at pearl paint! in the new pre-used paper department.
Hi cute big haid, is somebody trying to pleasure themselves orally, and if so, what does this say about me in a consumerist culture?
This is the new ad campaign for CRUNCH, a man doing a pull up from a tree branch. What this says about you in a consumerist society is you have been brain-washed by Madison Avenue to see sex everywhere. You really need to get your head out of the gutter.
I thought about this drawing when I was painting today. What does it say about me that I didn't think of sex when I first saw it?
it made me think of monkeys and puppies. then the sex parts. then those laura owens drawings with the monkeys.
it first made me think of knute the baby seal, next the laura owens painting from th '04 biennial... i didn't notice the big dong and pot belly, but now yes, it is unblockoutable.
or is knute a polar bear? maybe a polar bear...
i keep looking at this piece.

now i'm thinking of it as a constellation... the round stickers are the stars and this hung (x2) polar bear baby person is the constellation.

did you randomly place the stickers first, and then invent the figure, like a real constellation? that's what i'm feeling.
I can't see the stickers.
I know, the stickers are too small to see in this pic. The stickers actually went on last. First it was a drawing of an orchard in ink and charcoal, then gessoed out most of the trees but left the round tree knots and used the knots as a guide to draw the figure around, so Martin you pretty much got it, I think it looks like a constalation too.The stickers are metalic gold, like what you'de find on the bottom of a cheep toy.
I guess there must be a connection between self gratification and outsourcing...
I like your blog sunil, thanks for slumming it over here
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