Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Urgent News Flash: Unlikely Friends!

In a zoo in California, a mother tiger gave birth to triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately, due to complications the cubs died shortly after birth. The mother tiger recovered from the delivery but then started to decline in health, the tigress fell into a depression. The doctors decided that if Mama Tig could surrogate another mother's cubs, perhaps she would improve. After checking with other zoos across the country, they found that there were no tiger cubs to introduce to the mourning mother. The only orphans that could be found were a litter of ham loafs. The zoo keepers wrapped the loafs in tiger skin and placed them around the mother tiger. The rest is history my friends...

Bonus cute: the pig sleeping in the wrong direction in the top picture.
Awwww, awww, awww.
I know.
What a nice tiger mom. I would like to adopt a piglet. I promise not to let it near the slicer.
Is this real? LOVE. I would adopt the ham loaf if they will wear those cute little tiger tees.
It would be too tempting to slice off a bit for lunch, I think you should stick to unsliceable pets like turtles.
yeah, it's real, there's a ton of stuff about it, just google Tiger with piglets or Jungle Ham.
The Mrs. and I are both looking at this in the same room on different computers and all she keeps saying is, "Oh my god. Oh, my god."
i know...but eventually the hams have to take the tiger skins off right? What then?
Did other tigers die for their skins to be worn by the lil' hams?
i hate when you guys talk about eating cute pets. pigs not hams. pigs... not hams!

ok i'm sorry. the cuteness is too much. please do not eat them.
Sorry dubz. I know. I heart pigs, These photos are making me rethink my love of ham.
look at the smiling one! and the way they tuck their little legs underneath to sleep. i love this story. aw.

but yeah - what happens when the charade is over? mama tiger might have a b.l.t.
look at the smiling one! and the way they tuck their little legs underneath to sleep. i love this story. aw.

but yeah - what happens when the charade is over? mama tiger might have a b.l.t.
two b.l.t.s!
All you have to do is put on a tiger pelt and curl up with a tiger to get nurtured all over again? I am in. Tell the Zoo to call me.

Sorry dubz. Pigs are ham. I can't change it. I just can't. Anything cute I want to eat. I am sick that way.
Fried lambs noses
Lil' hams, I mean piglets should not be eaten. Nor should they wear fur. This is a double no no. I think the pigs may get bigger than the mamma and will they still love eachother?
I am willing to eat fried dung bum just because I think it is so cute.
Fried dung bum between some buns with chocolate syrup. Yummers!
baked dalmatian spots with smothered with hot dung sauce for extra zest, served with warm urine -perfect for brunch with old friends
And the bonus thing about a urine cocktail is it's medically proven to cure diseases like scabies and barnacles
MM, [holding up a mirror] you dont need nurturing, you need a no nonsense punch in the pie-hole.
Hot apple pie-holes are good too.
I'd like a hot ham and swiss right about now.
oink no! Cherry pie-holes yes.
I'd like a hot swiss on rye. Hold the brades and dirndl
Comments: The photos are genuine, but there's more to this story than meets the eye.

To begin with, the snapshots were taken at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand (near Bangkok), not some nameless zoo in California. Moreover, it would appear that the sad tale of the tigress falling into a deep depression after losing a litter of cubs was fabricated, as was the claim that the piglets were substituted for the deceased cubs by zookeepers in order to console the "mourning mother."

As it happens, this sort of intermingling of species is not at all unusual at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, where "creating successful relationships with animals of different species" is something of a guiding principle. The facility, more accurately described as part zoo and part circus, boasts offbeat attractions like basketball-playing elephants, "lady crocodile wrestlers," and a petting zoo where customers can bottle-feed baby tigers with their own bare hands. Visitors have reported seeing tigers, pigs, and dogs all housed together within the same enclosure, with sows nursing tiger cubs and tigresses nursing piglets "adorned in tiger-print costumes."

The costumes are strictly for show, by the way. The mother tiger pictured above, who has been photographed on other occasions suckling piglets au naturel, was herself nursed by a pig in infancy and apparently regards the other species as family, not prey.
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