Sunday, April 29, 2007

a man who knows whats hot recomends

Have a good sunday everyone. We're checking out the
Go Fly a Kite Festival with Junior -who today, has the look of an abused child. She punched herself in the face making two deep bloody scratches that go across her nose and cheek, just in time for a home visit from a social worker tomorrow. We have to submit to a home visit as part of my adopting her. We've put a lamp shade over the 5 foot bong and took the topless picture of Kylie down, that should do it.

She is so advanced to be into self-mutilation so early. Y'all should be real proud. Hi.
holla! kb
Erik and I were looking for you and the baby! We had all our ladies flying kites. Sorry we missed you.
yo, sup brooke. The kite fest was pretty funny. 100's of kites all being flown on one field. I spent most of the time untangeling.
Good day, sun shines!
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