Sunday, April 22, 2007

Keith, you're probably the only other person who could give a shit about this, so this post goes out to you. Also congrats on your show! at the Queen's Nails Annex (in San Francisco)

The princes of Arcadia reunited for an acoustic set 4/16.

What adorable lads. Corny, I miss little george. How is she doin?
George is good... she's grown ANOTHER chin! We're so proud, this one's for storing old milk that somehow gets under there, she makes her own cheese. Yes, we will market it.
yum to the cheese. baby's first curd.

and wow, reunited. inmpressive. wish i had some sound here at the old beige...
Awww, I remember when my third chin came in....
very handsome lads indeed! I am a little blown away by your previous post tho, corns. Aunt Nadja sounds amazing. Geez, did she also tell MLK to march on Selma? mention to Patti smith that she should set her poems to music? Tell Jimmy Carter to give the presidency a run? Will you have a special Aunt Nadja party where you tell us stories of her life whilst siping tea in your yard?
ps- i'm sorry if i missed your kylie Minogue choreography at the met last week. The Gaylord Center was having a labor crisis.
You seem to understand the spirit of Aunt Nadja, she is the Source. There is a great story about her and Dr. Feelgood, and an even better one about her and his secretary. Woody Allen based Zelig on her.

maybe the Met this week, tomorrow?
Corny have I told you lately how much I love you? And it's not just cuz I'm tipsy. That just makes it roll off the tongue more easily.
what is the blog equivalent of "drink and dial" Cpt'n?
-Beer bong then blog
-Tangeuray then type
-imbibe and blog
-Bud bottle and blog
any other ideas?
Corns, I'm going to a b-day party tonight, so PLEASE don't do the Kylie floor show tonight.
shit, I'm already having the giant human sized CD player moved to the Met...
booze n' blog i think gaylord. this can get you into trouble.
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