Friday, April 06, 2007

I am extremely relaxed today and taking it easy on my curvy chaise. Nothing can stop me from taking it easy , certainly not the fact I must make my annual (re: anal) visit to the tax man today. This is me relaxing on my curvy chaise after the taxman has done his work shoving a large ream of rolled up goverment forms up my bunt cake. Mmmm, that really hits the spot.


condo, mccarthy and the chapmans at deitch projects. bad ass motherfuckers. paintings like that are a reason to get out of bed in the morning.


grandmaster b of the blood arm
thanks for the heads up GMB
I recently went to that show. I was slapped and gut punched with every painting. This is where its at. It looked like they were challenging eachother to become more inventive and expand their abilities. Somehow, they all kept some respect for eachother by not drowing eachother out but built the imagery gradually and confidently except for the prints. Condo's hand was all over it and I have never seen him let loose like that. Check it out.
Dude, for me it's all about the extension. Save the ass rape for later when my nice CPA has more time to hold my hand through it all.
I'm just saying, you look a little tense on your chaise.
a cappella I'm all over it. I love the chapmans paired up with mccarthy, can do without Condo but maybe this new loose style will hold something for me.
ah, mon frere, condo is the shit. xo kb
Condo's got a shtick up his ass and though I like that he's into Cute and I did like his last show, on reflection I think its a bit ez and predictable, the Chapmans and Mccarthy, like yourself kb, dont shy away from sex and violence and move fluid like from one media to another
Warhol, Basquait and Clemente did it better the first time around, Deitch is kiss of death.
I dont care for the Warhol/Basquait colabs they just look like money to me, but to each her own. And Deitch is the kiss of death? Tell that to Kristin Baker, she's had more then a little success showing with Deitch, if thats the kiss of death I know a few artists who wouldn't mind that kiss. At worst Deitch is a stepping stone but so are a lot of galleries.
or a launch pad, maybe it's a launch pad.
maybe it's a maxi-pad
I'd love to have an art show inside a dirty maxi-pad... do some clot chucking drip and stain painting. The press release would by written on a plug.
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