Sunday, April 15, 2007

Joining the Parade of Feminist Art Shows

Kylie's throwing the supra-human organic force of her radiating labial forms into the ring with a show at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The show looks at Kylie Minogue -a long time lover of glass doors and walls, as a popular style icon. Organized around 3 themes, Identities, Emotions and Gold Lamé Hotpants, expect to see female-identified crafts like Bedazzeling, Accessories and Video!

Also Entrances. This is the most astonishing entrance in the history of humans being ejected out of giant CD players. (see video below)

seriously, I seriously dont understand how the entire audience does not just faint
I just can't get this outta my head! I think she was wise not to distract us from her body with such silly things as actual lyrics to the song.
kylie doesn't need language. She has a few words tossed in so that we don't feel completely unmoored, but she's beyond words, she communicates through the astral language of gyration.
I feel like you and Kylie are spiritual twins, Corny. Don't you bedazzle too?

Also can I just say how much less fun Miami was without you?
Hey you guys. This is a nice pick me up from the sadness I feel at having just made the call to donate the team shredder surf van. The Norf*ckineasters and Kylie are always there for me, through thick and thin.


Yours Truly
WOW! That's so cool that the estate of Leigh Bowery and Larry Tee have joined forces for Kylie.
Question: do you think she's wearing a thong?
Another question: will you re-enact this choreography, possibly at the Met tomorrow?
yet another question: Capt'n, will you be able to jet out for this?
I'll be there Gay, I'll wear my extra fine thong made from a single strand of Dori Previns braid hair.
The choreography is a revelation and I'm committing it to memory, this is going to change my social standing for the better I'd say.
Capt'n not the van!!!! Tell me you're replacing it with a trans am.
Sorry that I keep comment bombing then runnin' but meanwhile ....Corny oh Corny ..why the fuck does my blog keep gettin' flagged by asshole christian shitfucks? Does that happen to you?

By the way and an illegally downloaded season of Moral Oral ...heaven...
I've got to check out this Mortal Orel, it sounds like the funniest think ever. I used to watch Davie and Golith on TV when I was a wee tot. I hated the moralizing even as a 5 year old but couldn't help but be seduced by the surreal wurld of claymation.
I'm listening to a radio show about disapearing Honey Bees and now Bumble Bees. "1 in 3 bites of food is polinated by honey bees" says the bee authority on the radio. It's sad whats happening to our poor old planet.
Albert Einstein said "once the honey bees go, humans only have 3 or 4 years"
quotes bee expert. Aparently there are already problems with finding enough bees to polinate crops in the US right now. The Almond industry is the first to feel it.
Nicitinoid is a new pesticide that is suspect in killing bees. It causes the bees to be disorianted and their memory is interfered with, so they can't find their way home, ultimately causes COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER.
or maybe cell phones. Fuck
I aint gonna live long enough to paint my Bees vs (chemically engineered/altered by those crazy germans) Corn series!!!
Gee Davey...

I wish Sally were here.
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