Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Foghorn and Goody B Wiseman collaboration

I think Goody B is cute, by the way. Fogs will destroy anything. Like he almost destroyed my shoulder the other night before the Mrs. saved me.
I told him no sholders, he does it to antagonize me. He almost destroyed himself by eating a packet of yeast Saturday night.
Has he ever gotten caught in your hair or your shirt? This would be my main bird concern. That and bird turds airborn and somehow ending up in my mouth. He is a really pretty little guy though. Naughty birdy.
ugh mm, the bird in the hair is a really scary thought. i am trying to think of constructive uses for foggy's behavior - - peeling oranges? shredding bank statements? tenderizing meat for marinade? tweezing? (forget that one)
Foghorns main hobbys are:
dermatological conditions
the study of cats (one in particular)
Coconut interiors

He seems to "go" mostly in his cage area, but yeah, when he goes on hikes around The Mounds he will leave stuff behind, however he's small, it's not like an elephant leaving droppings here and there.

I'm sorry he got all in your hair MM. Your beard is a perfect nesting site.
I put him in my shirt to hang out when I'm watching tee-vee, he also loves hoods.
and scar tissue
My grandmother got a bat caught in her hair and had to go to the hairdresser's to cut it out.

Have you checked out www.birddiaper.com? Maybe they sell muzzles too...
The bat stayed in her hair until she got to the hair salon? Wowweeee.

Corns. How is Foghorn coming along in his dentistry? Does he ever confuse boxology with dental work? Ouch, right?
The bat was tangled in one of those 60's dos, (maybe the kind Corny's aunt created-she shouldve called it a bat hive). She lived in a small town, so the salon wasn't too far.
But seriously, birddiaper.com is having a spring sale!
truth be told, Fogs is more into dental hygenistry as a leisure activity then actually being a dentist per se. Boxology is a passion, he's loves boxes the way you love beard tics MM

thanks dog, I'll look into it. A bird in a diaper is better then two in the bush, unless you like to roll that way and hey, NO JUDGMENTS!
my brain is pretzeling.. are you implying I roll between diapered birds and birds in my bush? that I'm biornithological?
I think I have just the tooth for old Fogs there. Do I need to sedate myself first?
this morning I got a email from u-tube that someone left me a comment about the video i posted of Foghorn taking a shower, I got all excited to read my comment but it turned out to be some piss-pot criticizing the water pressure I give him.
Dang this is funny!
What an inconvenient truth so early in the morning. Birds should be hosed down thoroughly...especially when there is a baby in the house.
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