Thursday, April 12, 2007

Embark on an Intimate Journey

The Secret Place is not just a listening experience, it is a journey of soaking worship. It is a place of intimacy with the father, a place where the heart longs for his touch, his soaking, deeply intimate touch.

Do you desire a deeper, harder, more alive relationship with the father, yet find that you are blocked? I will help you expose and begin to be healed of these "stuck" places in your life. I propose to become unstuck by massive group convelesence. All gentle readers are welcome to join me, we can do it in our own beds, together!

Lover of men and singer of their supernatural songs, there is a new sound coming to the earth today!

I deliver you to moist crack between the dirty pillows of the Christian entertainment industry. Are you beholding the shelter beneath my wings? It's a little stinky under there at the moment because I eschew bathing, choosing to soak instead.
Thank you Corny! As my boyfriend does lines with the 'filipino' prostitute he found online I realize..just inhale the moist crack! that will get me through! (and talking like Martin!) being positive IS positive!)

Oh and sorry I never fessed up to my stripper briefs being used for the pigs! Dude the all male retirement community was all I had.

It's hard being a former model.
Just inhale the moist crack, is now my mantra. (MM, you might want to get on board with this too, it relates right back to the plumbers-ass as juice box replacement I was promoting yesterday on your blog)

so you're telling me the ham jackets are your stripper briefs? This will account for the tang of the sandwiches but what's with the mayonnaise lining?
today I am committed to WORK. The refinery was freezing yesterday, but today I am bringing a thermos of warm mayonnaise and will also line my clogs with it.
Corny I am on board and committed. To being unstuck from bed. But your work plan today is counterintuitive to this, Corny, unless your refinery has shrunken to fit on your bed.

You were on fire yesterday with the plumber bum juice box and the clogs and the oncoming clot storm and the pus river. Why is that not considered work? You are a producer of culture, you can't help it, it oozes out of you like cheez wiz.

I am going to try to kill or maim all my neighbors today.

and PS Barnaby your blog has enhanced my shredded life.
barnaby is lifes lil' enhancment.
thanks MM. Yesterday was special. I met a special member of the Artistic Thoughts family who smiles through a thousand broken pimples on her chin. Yesterday my heart was drawn and quatered, today I embrace the veil of solitude.
hi martin. Whats up dog?
i am trying to do my taxes. my wages, salaries, and tips (box 1) from my three jobs of 2006 is $14,001.82.

is that bad?
hey... i just realized that i spent 10% of my annual income on beer.
it's a new night. i'm drinking yeungling. kylie minogue is hot. all my comments to this blog will henceforth be confined to this post.
victoria beckham is also hot.
hi martin, I like that you will only post here. It's very organized to have all in one place. Victoria Beckham is a hottie. Agreed.
the winkleman blog is mad at me.
i'm pretty sure that at 1:53 jodie foster sings "eat that bush".
it's why I am gay...
hi corny, and maybe barnaby - i watched notes on a scandal tonight... very good, judi dench is powerful, but corny you have infected my mind with the baby judi dench.
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