Wednesday, April 25, 2007


you have to sing french torch songs in a white tux
and a beret
Holy shit!! That last video was adorable, but this-? This is so avant garde I don't even know how to feel.
But can i break down the weird things anyway? Like, regarding the white tux, and the other suit too: why have the jackets unbuttoned? Does it say, "I'm stern but sexy?" Or is it more like, "I'm tough but soft too, just imagine opening one of my weirdly long jackets." And that little minimal dance she's doing with the foot tapping and her arms hanging straight down. That just fucks with me, I don't know how else to put it.
But the art direction is super tight. I just wish I knew what she was singing about. With herself. Harmonizing with herself.
thank you. but thank you.
Wow! it's the french Jody Foster! Tres avant-garde drag king!
Generally, Jodie Foster makes me want to kill myself but this enervating yet oddly satisfying video might be the ONE exception. Although her career has been a protest against sexiness disguised as a film career, in this video she vaporizes all emotion from the song and though we find, at the bottom of Jodie Foster's so called Heart, a small wet blanket, and under that we find a hummel figurine of a small girl whispering a secret to a dog, signifying nothing, she comes off as simpathetic for the sheer awkwardness and a stilted, disingenuous quality.

I dont know how to talk about the braid in the hair or the way she crosses her arms and watches herself sing in new outfits
du sublime au ridicule il n'y a qu'un pas
If you make it to the end... the audience starts clapping in the middle of a sentence... saying this song is OVER NOW
I must confess. Thats me at the end clapping. I then joined JFA aka Jodie Foster's Army and began plotting presidential assasinations. I just kept singing this song over and over.
I sing this song when I'm murdering puppies.
Allow a francophile to translate- I paraphrase:
In her innocent dreams walking on the beach its always summer, I was dreaming of you and you finally came.
put the lotion in the bucket. press play on the tape recorder.
Oh wow. I cum because Jodie Foster dreams of me. She is lucid dreaming in her pork-pie hat all over me
Put the lotion in the bucket, is this another way of saying "gentelmen start your engines"? Fb, stop beating around my bush.
it is another way of saying, "let loose the hounds" perhaps.

corny, careful. the crypt of french song and brown scratchy clothing is waiting for its next victim.
I am like tomb raider Fb, I can crash in, listen to a flesh eating worm in a brown pant suit sing and I'm out before I'm swallowed whole.
on another topic, I'm really needing a studio assistant today to clean 10,000 dirty brushes while I blog.
I always clean my brushes when I do laundry. Mounds of tangled hair in those brushes. I think you can get interns to do that plus type your messages.
JODIE! Did you know she likes ladies? It's a big secret. Ahem.
I don't believe it for a second. I think she perfers the company of a tweed suit. Or children. I suspect she's like the female Michel Jackson. Don't ask me for evidence, just trust me on this.
Oh I hope it's only tweed, corny. I like the company of a well-worn pair of jeans and a cold beer. I don't need much else.
goddammit that was me up there being anonymous I'm at work and wrote five pages esplainin why that video link of stevie nicks (best lesbian vid ever made) is up there but now I'm just too exhausted cuz this thing (computer at work) won't let me sign on.

Quick, someone tell me a writing workshop to give to the other teachers at the Something Something Expo in June so we can send an email to our boss.
Poor Hodie. Do you think this is maybe where she shot a large part of her spiritual wad and why she's now just doing sort of temp acting jobs in action films--cuz she got nothin' left? Or maybe she don't wanna give nothing' anymore! I know I don't want to give to the masses anymore--just my inner circle of select friends!

In case one video of her singing in French isn't enough.....

The Mrs.
I need a makeup girl to sing to.
Hodie! Please explain.

Thanks Wick, the white tux sure saw some action.
Seamonkee...that is some great lesbo Stevie Nicks action. I wish we can see that five page sexpose you wrote about it.
Oh Hodie Hoster. I guess we should "spike" this one, as in volleyball, where we spike unwanted gays back over the net to straight choad land. What would that be called in badminton?
a. I need more info about Hodie Hoster. Do you mean by this, a lass who "hosts" a lad (who wears a hoodie) in her vagina?
b. Thats called a Kill in Badminton. As in, we should kill her.
c. It's also called a smash, as in, we should smash her.
Dearest Corny,

I sent this link to a musician friend. She used this video to seduce one of her dancers for *hot girl on girl action*.

My thanks be to you againz (for this pleasure I know not.)

your friend must have the magic, I'd worry that this video would completely backfire since Ms. Jodie is the lesbian equivelent of a total cock block.
Corny when I stop cracking up & choking on my food, literally, I'll get back to you on this.

p.s. The Mrs. does a great imitation of the speaking voice of the lesbo cock blocker. Dangerously similar to "manager dyke" voice.
Or do you mean "hoster" like the Host in that Korean monster movie, "The Host?"
I SWEAR that's what she said! Maybe it was's her or me thing ..don't know..but datz what I was told..
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