Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why is this Swiss girl doing an egg dance? I'll know more about this and whats at the bottom of the fondue pot when I return. xoxox

PS Check out this nutfest on Artnet.

Go get 'em, tiger!
corny, i miss you like judy garland misses barbituates. i'm on top form these days. i hope this up cycle hangs around for a while. did you get the photo i sent you? xoxoxoxoxoxo kb
don't try to sit in any of the noonies chairs. why is it cold in there?? how is the show coming? what was for breakfast?
about men, they do just get the whole power and entitlement thing better though...
Yes, they do. You don't know me, and maybe you weren't talking to me, but yes, boys grow up believing (and it's culturally reinforced) that the things they do are worthwhile and deserving of attention, unlike girls. It being unladylike to call too much attention to oneself.

Knock them Swissies' socks off!
Corny! Stop the self-deprecation okay? You ain't foolin me--the show most likely kicks arse. But I am more concerned about the food situation. How bout I come over and cook up some pasta???
in der schweiz das comic-festival in luzern zu besuchen ist auch sehr zu empfehlswert läuft vom 25.märz bis am 1. april
viele grüsse
Wow, a great meal and great art--jeez. Aren't they afraid that someone will squirt katsup on the Picassos?
i'm glad you're doing better corny. the food situation sounded really not good - to be freezing and have to eat raw grains after long time-changey flight. no good.
the "re: previous post" part was unintentional. gremlins or noonies.
hey fb! I caught a gremlin here last night. He is in a jar on my desk. He is dying to comment here right now.
peeds, maybe you should let him post on ethermeats?
I wish the gremlin was here. will you send him Pds. traveling alone is for the birds. I walked all over zurich today, I'm pretty sure i saw all the major touristy sights including a Swiss historical museum complete with giant wooly mamoth in what seems to be a grocery store habitat, I couldnt read the text so that will remain a mystery, Chagalls windows in a church (whats up with that, wasn't Chagall's village burned down by crazed christians?), Also saw some great symbolist art (fusilli and Brocklin) in the Kunsthaus museum, and walked through the entire city which isn't that big. Basically the vibe here is rich and clean and a lot of nice looking old people who shoot you dirty looks if you cross the street against a light.
Bocklin! I love him. Corns, I tend to love traveling alone, but I am a little freaky like that. But maybe Zurich is too small. I sent the gremlin via carrier pigeon to keep you company.
can i just say the swiss are weird to be that clean and rich? zurich sounds like a giant central park west. i hope people are nice though. i went to europe alone a couple times and got really lonely fast. so i'm sending hugz with the pigeon and a six pack of mini millers, ok corns? that'll fix it.
thanks dubz. I appreciate the hugz and mini miller but the pigeon hasnt made it here yet, maybe he got hit by one of those 400 foot tall rouge waves. I think this week will be better then the weekend, I can really sink my splintered teeth into the instalation.

Meanwhile I got a missive from my wife who is at war with Foghorn. Apparently he walked upstairs and into the bathroom while she was showering and scared her, even though he is only 3 inches tall. now she is threatening to restrict his free range rights. All hell breaking loose at The Mounds.
Just because he is only 3 inches doesn't mean he isn't scary...
just because he's cute as hell and nice and only bites (gently) when he's scared doesnt mean he should be permanently locked in a cage.
I had my own fear-factor moment with Fogs last time I was over. He flew over to me and sat on my head and I thought he was gonna peck at my brain stem. Whew, false alarm.
Yes, it does.
i can only see this "cage" thing working if the "cage" (and i dont ever want to call it that), lets say, HABITAT is very extremely big and duluxe and extremely fun for birds.

peeds he's friendly and will only elect to do brain stem surgery if you antagonize him, say like if you are a cat or a Fresh Direct delivery man.
Hi butt buddy! How are you over there in that weird sounding place? Sorry I've been outta the loop. I have several important things to say:
Of course you had a great meal in Kronenhalle since it sounds like the swiss version of my name. OK, got that cheesyness out of the way....
hey listen, I know you said not to respond to your moment of tripping, but too bad. Here's what I have to say about you having a big shoe up in there: bout time.
yes it's true about entitled choad. The world believes in them even if they suck, but whatevs, just fake it till you make it and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the party more, soon.
Speaking of, tell us more please sir. Me, I've only gotten one good wave in my last 3 go-outs, but I'm tired of complaining.
What a weird treat it must have been to open that crate. Are the conservators gonna clean up the marshmellow? And where is this Diana now?
Dude that beats rollin' with the Doobie brothers any day!
Seriously. Excellent.
I've yellowed with age. Hey Corny, ask those F&W folks lots of strange questions--okay? Like "Does a ghost drive my car at night?" They love that sort of thing.
I bet it was fun to see old work that you haven't seen in ages.
hiya Corns,
this trip sounds most excellent and exciting! Congrats on the show.

Travelling alone can be slightly disorienting. I love it mostly but then sometimes not so much, especially if I am overtired, then everything is confusing and hard.

I hope you are planning on posting pictures.
OMG dinner with F&W = dubz's idea of complete extasy. me loves. i freaked out over a photo they did called "carpet shop." ever seen it? it blew my mind for, like.. years. full report on this dinner expected.
p.s. send the 12 yr old marshmallow back with the carrier pigeon, please. i want to inspect.
i just went to the kunsthalle site and drooled over your images. wow. there are some real zingers in that show. wish i could see all that stuff in the flesh.
I had to check, too. Love, big time.
that wouldn'ta been my first choice of images... but whatevs. Letting it go...

Things are going prety well. I'm almost done installing. Every night there is some kind of horrible dinner party to attend (200 of the same Zurich art people, lame food that doesnt get served until 10:00). last night was better because Leo and Gelitin arrived so at least we had some fun, mostly by playing spin the bottle and singing or fake singing german football anthems.
I think today is my birthday (is it the 29th?) if so, FUCK i wish i was in NYC karaokeing with you kids.
I miss everyone and am vowing never to travel without friends or the 3 pack again.
Actually Seamonkee and Herr Tyson are getting here today, thanking mein got in himmel, not a moment too soon.
Corny!! For real? Your birthday today?! It sounds like seamonkee and hk will be arriving just in time. Happy birhtday. I wish we all could magically appear to celebrate and see the completely amazing relic display. i am going to look at the internets version now.
why can't i just go inside of your blog and come out on the other end? i can fit. i am smallish.
I love that idea of going inside your blog and coming out the other end, just in time for your birthday party.
Happy Birthday, Corny!
So glad the pals are getting there soon. Eye of the tiger.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORNY!! Wow, why aren't you here? Why aren't we there? It is tragic. I will just have to eat a whole cake in your honor!! And sing a song...badly.
Good luck with the opening and finishing up everything!
HI!!! Thanks guys! I had a swell birthday.
Seamonkee and Tyson brought me a tie that says
"I'm lovin it" in a repeat patten. We went out to dinner with leo and ate shnitzels the size of manhole covers. One thing I'm really into about Zurich is that people can (and do) bring dogs -which are all the same, some cute, scraggely breed, into fancy resturants.

FB if you could wormhole your way through the blog and pop out in Swissland I'd love you like a swiss banker loves nazi money, that being A LOT!
thanks for eating cake for me peeds, can you wash it down with some oxi and jack? Also I will hold you to singing a song in my honor which means I get to pick out the song. I'd like to hear you do a lounge version of Smells Like Tean Spirit
happy birthday corny! i didn't know it was your born-on date. couvades!!!! hello!!!
Hi dubzy. Yup, I turned my lucky number this year which cant be a bad thing. When you are out shopping for my gift, anything made out of horsehair or fingernails would be appropraite.
used toilet paper sculptures are also appreciated
Hmm, would you cherish a planter of herbs in my compost toilet soil for your b-day? The toiletpaper is broken down nicely into a healthy loam. Nature's little process art, if you will...
Thanks Gay but I prefer healthy loam in a chilled glass with a twist.
Happy Birthday Corny. I miss you!!!
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