Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We would like to share with you our observations about George the baby. She has the flatulence of an ordinary old man but goes about like a certain impressive old woman. Remarkable I'd say.

they're like twins or something...right?
Ugh ugh ugh, that George she is a SLY one. There is a striking similarity, in spite of the age difference. God damnit George, wipe that cute look off your face!!! I can't take it!
OKAY, I might be biased but i swear boadwee latrille (i don't know what that george business is all about) IS THE CUTEST BABY EVER! i can't wait to meet her and fall in love...
let's hope George chooses her acting roles more wisely...
After another sleepless night we've sadly decided to put little Boadwee latrille up for auction on ebay. Bidding starts at $17.95.
I'll pay $19.95 now corns! And you can add $30 for shipping.
Damn, she is way cuter than Dame Judy, and more regal.
yes regal in the sense of storing dribbled milk in the folds of her neck and regularly shitting herself, yes!
Corny, you were in my dream last night but fortunately it had nothing to do with dribbled milk or shitting of the self.
I usually show up as a long board in peoples dreams but have been known to be a bikini bottom too.
That last photo of Georgie is like presidential, or even Napoleonic.
that is a super cute baby, and i DO see a resemblance...

do you know artist hans heiner buhr's blog? he is in tblisi, (russian) georgia... his daughter is a little doll.

hey i made dinner for the dam once- shes cute and friendly-but not as cute as liL' G
we have to meet next week at the met so i can hand over G's new T- the iron-on part is dribble free
in the meantime get some sleep-
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