Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Trim strings to appropriate lengths for tampon earrings, about 1 and 1/2 inches"

"Hanukkah - festival of lights, now the festival of feminine hygiene." Noted.
I swear I saw these on the red carpet last week.
Please don't let George see these.
too late Pees, george already got a day job in a Chinatown making these bobbles that celebrate menstral pride
women who menstrate out their ears usually choose shoulder pads as protection over these, less obvious.
Yes, or earmuffs with wings for extra security.
George, please send 2,000 sets to me asap.
this is some kinda crazy twist on the hanger abortion technique- aborted tampon earings...woooa
they look like hearts too
earmuffs with wings sure beats those cumbersome pads of yor that you'de have to belt to your head.

gandi, please to do your homework and visit the link provided. You will see that the heart shape is not only a reality, it was intentional.
gandhi, i was thinking the same thing - abortion or tooth extraction. maybe it's an ode to the tooth fairy?
I'm thinking of it in an art herstorical context- Roe vs Wade meets Judy Chicago's Menstrual B-room.and WOW that womyn's craft site is fierce. i esp like the tampon ghost and toupee!
it should all be in the new flash art 4 sho- anyway- dam corny you good cause i got it without the research m...ok? maybe dr should wear the pads though when she gets to LA for the tennis game?
I think the site should be on the cover of ArtForhim and they should dedicate the entire issue to wymins crafts. The bloody tampon earings represent the gothic sensibility latent in the craft movement, it needs to be talked about.

I'm into wearing giant pads when I play sports like swimming and tennis too! I like the on nonsense bulk and the tention of possible leaks!
giant pads are the way to go. i hate how invisible tampons are unless you wear them as jewelry. what's the point of putting them inside? also, do these earrings come with clots, like extra danglies? oh yuck.
Bingo Dubz. I personally wear the clots as nose rings, but thats just me.
There are many uses for clots and we all know it.
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