Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A NEW suprise guest to the Land of The Lost is my PASSPORT! I was suposed to leave for Zurich today to begin installing a show at the Kunsthall but it seems this trip will be delayed a couple of days. I am very angry at my old passport. If you see it please stab and victimize it. We look forward to welcoming New Passport into our life!

Oh dag that's a real blow of the dick! Fuck. But seriously I am so excited for you anyway Corny, and can't wait to see pics & hear all about it.
capt'n, my sentiments as well. that old passport deserves the total torture treatment.
I wonder where it is. I picture it lying in a gutter on 15th street.
Meanwhile I've got this weird waiting time, I'm not suposed to be here and dont know what to do with myself beyond watching TV
Thanks for your Book review FB, I got to do one of those soon.
WooHoo. Waisting away in Margaritaville my friends, you want to find me, check a bamboo night stand in St. Kitts. Saint Croix here I come.
I am a virgin, I was only born an hour ago but I am built to be pounded with your stamps
I am obsolete yet I persist. Cover me in poo and shred me, No one will notice.
My dear Passport, fade away and radiate
I got your passport in the back pocket of my faux army fatigues. Come and git it!
Mr. Fau Jangles, you dont have to ask me twice. I'll yank that passport and whatever else i find down there.
corny, i hope you can post some pics and stuff while you are away. please enjoy the business class seats and drink several bottles of champagne.
I will, I'll get drunk ASAP and start a food fight with the brick sized blocks of Swiss cheese they serve in Business class. hopfully I'll be sitting next to a Swiss banker chode who can give me hot tips.

for stocks...
Business class will be fun Corns. Tell everyone that you are in the "import/export business" that always goes over well.
thanks for the tip peeds. I cant wait to get drunk and start lieing to strangers, this sounds relaxing and I got a stress knot in my neck the size of a block of cheese that needs to be worked out.
Put George to work on that knot in your neck. I mean, she has to earn her keep somehow!
I once told a guy at a party that I had to leave because I had surgery in the morning. He asked what I was getting done and I said--no, I am a neurosurgeon and have a tumor to remove at 6a.m.
peeds. ha! that's a good one. must use. and corny, the drinks will work out the cheese hunk. i promise.
I've been many things at parties--all very respectable. Doctor, lawyer, Porn star...
land of the lost!!! they started off on a rafting trip, and then took a wrong turn on the river or something, those big rocks slammed shut and they went down the waterfall...

there was that hairy kid they met, and the sleestacks.. and the ruined civilization.

good one!!!
the little Land of the Lost girl was a priss. I think I was a bit scared by the whole premis of the show, that they couldn't find their way home and they were stuck in dinosaur times forever.
Ta, sa!
yes, it was scary... the sleestacks and the pylons scared me..

there were so many good live-action sat. morning tv shows back then (maybe now too, i have no idea)...

remember electra-woman and dyna girl? isis? shazam?

on shazam they road around in a big winnebago.
This is the link
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