Saturday, March 03, 2007

Have you ever make something that makes perfect sense at the time but then you have no clue whatsoever what the hell you could possibly -even given your diminished brain capacity because of no sleep for the past month, is unacceptable- have been thinking?

This post is an affront to sentence structure
and bumperstickers
I am affronted and yet intrigued. Who is Torso? I feel scrapey. answer to your question.
(just joshin).
I like the heart nipples, myself.
i like the heart nips too. i am wondering about torso too. who and what is. maybe it is a divine being. maybe this statement is a koan. who is to know?
Oh they are nipples! I thought they were hats.
I need some advice from Torso.
Torso is a Ouija board, there should be a hand or a penis as Panchette stroking the omnipotent torso
ok shoot. But please make it brief, It's sunday and I've got homolies to deliver
Well Torso, I've been wonderin if it is safe? Is it safe?
safe is relative my friend, a state of mind if you will. If you're not afraid of amputation, working while high on Oxi and jack with farm machinery that contains blades such as those found on harvesting equipment that can cut or even sever limbs may seem like the safest thing you can do.
Whew! I was getting worried that I had to give up cutting.
I just want to add one thing about this "drawing". The torso is floating over a landscape with little towns at the bottom which is cut off in this pic. So I'm saying that Fb, I think yer right that it is a divine being much like the giant stone head that spits out rifles in the opening sequence of Zardoz.
bleeding torso with swirling hole and hats > me
Blogger cockblocked my last brilliant comment. I'll tell you what Torso would do, Torso would crack me up. Good job, Torso.
it's like looking in a mirror corny
capt'n! Your kind words are always a lift however Torso is not ment to "crack" anyone up. It's deeper then that Capt'n, it about the thinking heart if you will, about secret precognitave thought the body does and then tricks you into thinking you "thought" something. Thinking is a lie. Ok?
hey, they sell these on! torso doesn't do anything. torso just lies there lookin' good.
Hey Corny..I was waiting to tell ya because I had to hold on to it in case 31Grand wanted it for the New York move/opening..oh and i have to scan it..but the you and tom piece is yours if'n ya want it..(I just blogged that exact sentiment which is obnoxious but I had to kill a couple of birds with that stone)

I still have to pass by your gallery to see K.W.'s show so if you want it I will drop it off... (it's unframed ..30 by 40 inches) ..just let me know...

Wow. Corn you are lucky. I like that painting.
Hi barnaby, I just wrote you a note on yer blog, I love that drawing and if you turn your attention to the drawing posted, you'll get an idea of what you could get in return if we were to trade. Which begs the question; are you sure about this?

One hundred percent positive.. was always sort of the intial intention to just give it to ya since it was sucha Cornbloggian specific thing..(and I am cleanin' as it is..AND I have a piece I did after that the gallery can use for their purposes so ALL GOOD!)
(oh AND I love the fact it would look like some kind of fucked up royal portrait in ya own home..)
exactly, I'm going to take down the portrait of HRH over the mantle and replace it with your wonderment. Maybe you can pop by here and pick something out? I'm in williamsburg.
torso looks a little like a mouse head or a bear head, whistling a tune.

you can maybe make torso your mascot, like mickey, or what murakami did with mr. dob... this could be the beginning of your licensing empire.

torso is cute.
awesome..umm..I'll scan her this week and re-visit ya to see when's good etc..(the digital pics never do 'em justice..especially the formidable and Wonder-ous boobage..)
cool, I should send you a scan of my own very real and wonderous boobage to collage onto the drawing.

Martin, Torso® is already happening. Torso Zero® the low calorie verson, is sponsering a formula one race car, look for me in the pit in Daytona.

wow. It's 3:00. time to get some work done?
Corny we will look for you in the pit. I can imagine you now in a white leather bustier, showing off your megalithic chest, trying to distract the other drivers. You are that wily.

Where is Torso now? Tell Torso to please call me. I need help finishing a new drawing.
i would like to post an order for a torso beanbag chair. it should fart when i sit on it, and the boobs should be able to be filled with beer so i can drink from them while resting my head.

color is black please.
Torso® is in Red Hook supervising the repair of a water main break then it's straight off to London to discuss the whole "rebranding" of Africa thing with Bono. But as Torso's secratary I think I can squeez you in on Sunday at 6:00AM. Does that work for you? Also Torso says that it you will need a dump truck full of 4 leaf clovers if you think you can even touch me at bowling.

Martin, We are now officially unvailing our partnership with Bono's RED products. Proceeds for bean bag chair will be funneled to the cause. As Bono ao aptly put it, " sitting in a farting bean bag chair may not be sexy but curing aides in africa is"
It's more then sexy, it's downright triple x Hotttttttt
MM, the drawing is finished.
Martin I picture your head nestled between the beer-filled boobs. You can move your head to the left, you can move it to the right and still beer will be yours for the suckling.

I picture you watching Dr. Phil while this happens. No?
Martin, I'm happy to change your diapers in between rounds as long as I can keep the toy surprise inside.
i want a torso chair too. but in clear filled with blood. the blood drink will be warmed by my nestling behind and I drink lustily.
fb, can we grind our beanbag chairs together?
FB, Thank you for taking it, being the next wave in home furnishings, to the next level. This is truely top notch innovation, I like the interactive feature of the nestling behind and the warmed blood, The beer/blood can mix into a New Orleansian style cocktail.
HI CORNS!I think you might want to expand torso into an innovative torso-faith-based line of lanyards, t-shirts, and beer cozies- W.W.T.D.?
Call the Gaylord marketing dept. for more info.
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