Saturday, March 10, 2007

*Please to turn up the volume

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
seemed funnier at the time sorry....
I just got back from my morning constitutional by which I mean a slog to the store to buy the newspaper, only to return to find your excellent clot related comment gone. Bummer.
No editing necessary, it's all for the goo. But about the scanning, no rush because every scrap of my so called "art" has been extradited to Zurich and wont be back till the summer. Meanwhile my studio is depleated...
I like the part where he takes off like a jet plane. Cute.
Magical foggy, just magical.
I know peeds, it IS magikal, like how his tail makes that fairy dust sound when he shakes it... Fogs and I are going thru a deep love phase right now, as opposed to much of the time when he's chewing thru my computer wires and maiming the house plants
i can't get enough of laugh tracks. never get enough.

? is this the true blue foghorn or an imposter? did you really make this video. i'm dumb.
cause it's great!!
Yes FB this is really Foggy! That is my stained Union Jack tea mug in the sink. I got into imovie over the weekend.

FMU is playing the new Stereo Lab. love their smooth sounds.
wow corny! more movies. excellent muscial accompaniment. this is inspiring.
You are obviously an aficionado of fine cimema. YES! iMovies rocks. All I want to do is make movies about George and Foghorn. Vic says I look ridiculous in jophers and monocle but what does she know about the movie biz.
You are my favorite filmmaker, Corns. Even better than John Hughes.
Corny how could you have outdone yourself YET AGAIN. It's ridicoolush. Loving the fogs, loving your grande guignol.
wow, daxflame. that changes everything.
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