Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things that would help:
Pool therapy
ritual winter dance
liquor parade
Surgery party

Yeah, forget acupuncture, just do the "simulated surgery" party where they are not shy about going straight up each other's dresses. Or booze parade mixed in with surgery party, why limit yourself?
Next time you are in town will will hoast a simulated surgery party, it looks like after gathering on the roof of the "hospital" (re: mental institution) they broke Gail Crozier's forarm so to put in on backwards! Trickster party surgery, funz!
i think you should bring this surgery party to the Metro this weekend. it can be your special twist on the tupperware party. those fireplaces give enough light for incisions...
plus i really need to drink too- ALOT.
I'm there with latex gloves on. What nite?
Wow simulated surgery is fun. Is that Brenda Duncan on the table; she's such a babe.
can i bring my butter knives?
and my clam fork?
Yes Fb, no one will be admitted to the opperating theater without a clam fork. I
am also bringing a slop bucket and a mellon baller for good measure.

I want white orthopedic shoes to wear to the refinery.
yes, also a nice thin papery hairnet for the refinery. & stethoscope.
Orthopedic anything is something I aspire to.
I think the bonnets are hott.
Will somebody sew a Frankenweenis to my back? I envy what frogs has. And can we put Peeds on anesthesia, I hear she's good.
Relax and enjoy

Wait a minute... A SURGERY PARTY?? I am so there. I want to work on the occlusion in the Karate artery, please.
I'm doing self plastic surgery today, why? because i can!
I've alreaty had urinary stones and cysts sewn on to my lapels, they look smashing! But frankenweenies on the back, NICE capt'n! Can we all perform surgery on eachother at the same time? The slop buckets will help keep the mess to a minimum and we can take them home as party favors
also interested in having a shunt for Hydrocephalus permanently placed in skull. has anyone looked into cateract inhancment?
Krosavcheg!! Corns, is it really time to get your penis enlarged.
my goodness, they really aren't subtle are they.
I tried Dr Krosavcheg's product line and now I have pussy lips like kielbasa sausage. He is definitely invited to the surgery party
I'm only coming if Dr Zizmore is going to be there- I have always coveted his glowing forehead...
there aint no picture on top. you need to re-post in order to offend.
I said yer post didn't show up, you might want to re-do
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