Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stirring Pictorial Essay

Corny what am I supposed to do with this. Oh my god. The dogs. It makes me think you can be licked to death. I feel crazy just looking at this.
death by licking would be an exhilerating passage to the otherside. I would like this to happen, please shave your toung and I'll meet you tuit suite!
this is so brilliant, corny! i think it's the best blog post ever.
Yeah, it's up there in the top 1,000 for me, too, but it's impossible for me to say it's the best ever since for me, every other one of Corny's posts is my favorite. What am I to do?
gee thanks guys, seems everyone loves a tongue, deli tongue, moldy tongue, prosthetic tongue, it's all good.
i saw some puppies last night at the mall! the welsh corgi and shi-tzu were so cute... and the beagle... they were ALL cute, but i can't remember the breed names.

what is that little one at the top? is that a bulldog?

that notebook drawing looks like a jason fox.
I dunno, maybe its a pitbull. Pitbull pups are unfair cute
WOW! This is up there in blogger hall of fame. But then, you own that hall of fame, Corns. I am especially fond of the one-eyed tongue-master sketch.
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