Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sorry about the news black out, George (aka Crazy Porkchop) is home and playing the cute card to her full advantage. I miss everyone! Thanks for all the sweet comments on the last post... My camera broke as I was trying to upload a picture of her to post last night, so that'll have to wait till we get a chance to buy a new camera which will be sometime in the next millenia.

OMG! So much happyness! COngrats on gaybie george. But wait, this photo looks like Madchen in Uniform- are you sending her to a stern boarding school already??!!
Give the Crazy Porkchop a squeeze from her Uncle MM. When I meet her she can have full access to my beard (I will wash it for her). xxxx
We"ll be sending her to the rehabilitation center for her formal education. i want her to go into the macrame arts, specializing in decorative wall owls
MM dont wash your beard! One crawl thru there and we can forgo immunizations, also she can proly pick up a free lunch to boot.
OMG! She's so big! Oops, wait, not George. Corns, this is too exciting. I can't wait to see the porkchop. Of course I will not let her near the slicer--don't you worry none.
Peeds! put a sheepskin blade on the slicer and bring it over, it'll double as a tickel machine.
omg, did I just say that.
congrats to you and mrs. cub on the birth of your bouncing baby cublette.
Oh my god Corny. Georgey, the Crazy Porkchop!! Congratulations to you and The Mrs. This is amazing. I can't wait to meet her some day. I'm special ordering her mini surfboard the minute I finish this.
Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait to meet the little porkchop. xoxo, hams
I can't believe shes staying over again tonight. Its just very weird.
Corns, let Geore stay. At least one more night? I will take her for the weekend if you need me to.
There is a chance George may decide to come to my duplex in the suburbs. If you wake up and she isn't with you, assume she has taken up with me in my cradle of filth. Do not worry about George when she is with me for I am known for taking excellent care of crazy porkchops.
congrats y'all!!!!!
Girls rock!
she'll a fantastic house guest, she rubs warm ointments on my arse many times a day! Frogs I'd like to swaddle you in my bathing suit area right about now.
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