Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some highlights from a quick trip to The Forest yesterday.
Huang Yong Ping
David LaChapelle
Daniel Buren (!)
Rachel Harrison
Justin Lieberman's family sitting around his confrence table discussing Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
What did everyone see this weekend? What did you like? Did you need to use wepons at any point?


I saw them last night. Not art technically but great anyway.
PING was SO funny and frightening
and the wall scroll was cool. Love wall scrolls, so elegant.
Looked for collage at the armory and could not find it, although I found some other nice collages to learn from.
I liked a Polke carpet painting with fabric...
Sorry. I still dumb with links.

What was PING? I am super out of it.
ping was Huang Yong Ping at gladstone
maxigeil&playcolt sound great, I shoulda hauled my lazy ass over there. Idiot.
it reminds me of something, roxy music, haircut 100?
Oh I wish I saw Maxi Geil! Who did the colored glass panels? I saw them on Thursday and didn't even know.
Oh. Right. DUh. I heard that was a good show.

It's ok, maybe George is more original, more poignant, more glamorous than any band? You tell me. I heard she can speak German too.
Morning Peeds. Please say hello to yourself in the mirror of your frying pan. Pretend it's me saying hi to you in the reflection instead of you. This is how I feel towards you.
I am in the dumps for no good reason MM. Your frying pan hello has lifted me closer to the fried eggs of goodness. Thank you. I am poking the yolk.
I hate the dumps. I have been doing hard core battle with the dumps-for-no-good-reason as per usual. The fried eggs of goodness are an inspiration to watch for. If you poke the yolk with success please let us know what happens.
Just gotta deal with the ooze, you know? Like an old Linda yolk is oozing on the goth floor of my cave. I am thinking of painting a wall here or cooking up a stew. I am troubled by indecisiveness and woe.
DOn't do it...any of it.
do it peeds, poke the yoke and paint your wall with stew. I've been feeling dumpy too though having intermitent fun that distracts this weekend and as always, discussing German Romanticism while humming Wagners ring cycle to george is comforting to both of us.
peeds do you know a painter named Keltie?
no, id he/she Scottish? Must look up--sounds good just from the name.

I am proposing "stew" as an official Benjamin Moore color.
id is a she and I dont know her last name but hear shes hot shit, has an opening 2night, wanna go?
awww I would if I could, but I gots plans w/melady. But I will check her out. Where does she show?
It was in Simon's home so I guess it was just this one night, but me thinks we'll be seeing her around.
she's good news.
amra, wow, evryone knows everyone. Dont forget about the Shared Women opening at LACE wednesday night. Kick Steiner in the box for me.
it's kind of great sometimes. other times a little claustrophonic. oh i won't forget about the show. been e-mailing w/ her all day. nice collage corny! wish you were so we could make plans and not see each other again. not true. how's the wee-ist one?
corny, i loved that particular bat urn, the ping bat urn! i still have to see maxi geil. i gave one of the members a ride to a wedding in texas last summer and he was nice.
also, dumps for me too. the art fairs always set me off. i started a post yesterday about it then got busy here at the tard factory.
keltie is hot, very boys don't cry. The paintings are part of the whole neo abstract thing which is quite popular now. They are cool, though look like alot of other stuff- Chris Martin, Rebecca Morris, etc. For a show that looks like no other go to Feature Inc.
Chris Martin, Rebecca Morris... i dont know but will look em up. I liked Kelties giant "mask" paintings with womans names, something perfectly Ridykelous about the idea.
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