Thursday, February 08, 2007

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George you are so cute, especially next to that cake.

She is toooooo adorable. Tiny and cuddly. Smooshes to her.
This is too much to bear. I cannot bear the terrible beauty of this tiny cuteness. What do you expect, Corny? I am only human.
George, we cannot wait to meet you, a cute nugget of goodness There is love in that pout.
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Re: the diapers
My gambling addict friend goes to the gambler anon meetings and reports back w/ the stories of the true fiends who wear the Depends so that they can stay at their station at the slot machine and not get up and let somebody else win their money. That's hardcore because it's not like they got the burrito hanging low like in your diagram...they gotta sit up on it.
Congratulations you three. I got so excited I stuttered.
she is so cute... and smiley.

hey, did you see the painting barnaby did of you? on his blog?
I saw that painting martin, love it. I meant to post it here...
STOP! Unbelievable!!! What a cute thing. And she loves cake already. You have a real winner. MM and I will kidnap her and take her to Billy's Bakery for a little red velvet cake, okay?
how about you kidnap me and take me for red velvet cake with a beer back
Cake and beer. It's got to happen.

PD - I can't stop thinking about the red velvets.
I'm ready for a drink
long night, did i mention that im ready for a drink
YAY! I have been waiting to see her. Beautiful - - amazing!! corns, i hope you have a refridgerator stocked with beer. You need and deserve. When my friend Toods used to stay alone with his little girl when she was a newborn they sometimes took trips to the liquor store together. This always amused me. She cried A TON at first, like crazy.
George is just perfect!!!
MM--me too with the red velvets. I was thinking about it all day yesterday.
Corny, we will have red velvet cake and beer for your couvade.
I used to babysit in high school and I would get bored and wake the kids up! so much fun. CONGRATS!
Hi FB! I'll be sending my child to the liquor store with my order pinned to her jumper. She doesn't cry at all so far, but we here the crying starts a little later like in a couple of months or something. I will have a pair of those BOSE noise canceling head phones hitched firmly on my head.
Corns, I am home making drawings and boycotting the cold. If you wanna send her over here for a few hours. I need more Jack Daniels. Tell her I have plenty of Oxy. I can breast feed her, but she'll hafta settle for Jesus juice.
Ms. Cub is passed out of the floor drunk yet the baby diligently keeps feeding on Mommies Spicey Milk! It is a form of rape but is it bad?
Perfectly normal in the first month. Especially if booze is involved. But I heard a little beer in a squeeze bottle works just as well.
Good to know peeds, people can be so judgementle about child rearing.
i know this is above station-(ma used to give me note for cigarettes)but had a dream that yer bird cy rilly needs bird companion-think birds of certain intelligence crave birdship-sorry intrusion-
Thanks for looking out for little 2 inch. I think about getting Foghorn a little pal all the time, but there are actually a bunch of considerations, like these birds are loud and two of them are twice as loud as one, second, Foggy has already bonded with me, I'm his love mate so I dont know that if I brought another bird on the scene if he would even bond with it at this point and that could lead to other issues if Foggy gets territorial. I actually think Fogs is a really happy guy. He has free reign of the house and hangs out on my sholder or in my shirt whenever I'm home, he plays all day long in his six pack apartment complex and walks around everywhere picking the grout from between the floor boards and
generally patroling for errent crumbs. I think hes ok, but thanks for thinking of him.
This child is impossibly cute. Did you get my special baby touching balloon glove? Welcome to the world little George!
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